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Can Arsenal Finally Win The Premier League After A 20 Year Wait?

They say that good things always come to those who wait and everyone at the Emirates Stadium will be hoping that this is more than just a popular cliché when May rolls around again.

Author:Henrik Schmidt
Reviewer:Gabriel Martinez
Mar 28, 2024
They say that good things always come to those who wait and everyone at the Emirates Stadium will be hoping that this is more than just a popular cliché when May rolls around again.
It was two decades ago that Arsenal were last league champions and the are whispers that the title may be within their reach this season.
They really did look like they were going to do it last season but, unfortunately, their reputation for falling short at the very last moment became all too true leaving them five points adrift of the winners, Manchester City.
Perhaps this wasn’t so surprising, given the almost total dominance that City have shown over the last few years under the inspired leadership of Pep Guardiola.
So, a victory for the Gunners this year wouldn’t just be seen as good news for the team, but great for the game as a whole – not least by showing that the financial might of the Qatari-backed City is by no means insuperable.

The Season So Far

There was much anticipation about how Mikel Arteta’s team were going to approach the 2023-24 season. Coming so close last year but fading away at the end was very disappointing for players and fans alike.
So, they undoubtedly went into this year’s games with plenty to prove.
They came flying out of the blocks with a run of ten games before their first defeat, an unlucky 1-0 loss to Newcastle United on November 4. Between then and the end of March they only sustained three more defeats, drawing on four occasions and winning 20 times.
Where they have been especially effective is in inflicting high scoring defeats on many of the weaker teams in the Premier League. For example, there were the 6-0 thrashings of West Ham and the beleaguered Sheffield United, not to mention the 5-0 scorelines against Burnley and Crystal Palace. These have all helped them maintain a very healthy goal difference that could well prove decisive if it really does go down to the wire.
They have also enjoyed considerable success in Europe. Topping their group in the Champions League they have advanced to the quarter finals by beating Porto and setting up a meeting with Bayern Munich.
Yet, for all this the football bettingshows that they are distant third favourites lagging behind the odds-on favourites Manchester City and Liverpool.

A Fitting Farewell for Klopp?

Fitting Farewell for Klopp
Fitting Farewell for Klopp
Liverpool, in particular, will be especially keen to deprive the victory that Arsenal so dearly wants.
This is because earlier in the season Jurgen Klopp announced that this would be his last at the club, citing lack of drive and energy to carry on. As the inspiration who has driven Liverpool out of the doldrums of previous seasons, the loss landed like a bombshell.
It also brought about a commitment amongst the players to produce something incredible as a send-off for Klopp.
While their dreams of the quadruple were quashed by a 4-3 defeat by bitter rivals Manchester United in the quarter finals of the FA Cup, the treble is still on for them. They’ve already secured the Carabao Cup after a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Chelsea in February.
They are also through to the quarter finals of the Europa League where they will take on Atalanta in April. Their Premier League hopes are also still very much alive.
Plus, they have a far more recent experience of winning the Premier League than Arsenal having beaten Manchester City into second place in the 2019-20 season. However, that was a very different situation to today’s with their victory being sealed with seven games remaining.

Another One for City?

Despite both Liverpool’s and Arsenal’s claims to the title, many still believe that it’s Manchester City’s to lose.
Not only has Pep Guardiola been granted the funds to build and develop a world-class squad over the last few years, it’s also a team that knows exactly how to step things up when needed.
It’s this ability for find that extra gear that has made them arguably the best team in the world, and one that Arsenal should rightly fear.
So all eyes will be on the meeting between the two sides on March 31 at the Etihad Stadium. This will give City the added home advantage. They’ve not lost at home all season so, on past form, the most that Arsenal will be able to hope for is a point from the draw.
The one glimmer of hope is that City’s Danish star striker Erling Haaland is reported to have hobbled of the ground with a leg injury when training with the national team on March 19.
But, like a shark’s set of teeth, when one attacker from the City squad is lost another one like Phil Foden is there to replace hi..
So, Arsenal is surely hoping to evade the bite that could put and end to their Premier League hopes for this season. We’ll just have to wait and see if they can.
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