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It's what one would expect? Is it making you nervous? Cardona had a heart problem

Following his disappointing World Cup start, the Colombian from Boca Juniors is plagued by low expectations.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
May 03, 2021
Cardona has brought Colombia and Argentina to their knees in fair measure. One promising result sent him back to the infirmary, where he is in fact recovering, while the extent of the subsequent disease is only being discovered.
Mild myocarditis was found in the post-COVID check-ups, according to the club; this explains why he decided not to participate in the post-COVID exams for 14 days, and he won't make any more efforts in the future for them
Not only in Argentina, but in South America, his cardiac condition made his condition very apparent to those who followed the Copa América, too.
But what illness are you plagued with, and how complicated is the problem? An infection of the heart muscle may be responsible for various types of myocarditis, one of the kinds is a bacterial infection, for example, said Dr. Fernández, the medical advisor for El Tiembo Publishing.
that vexation is part of those who have it, but it does not affect them "This can arise in children, which means it can be considered a sequel to covid 18. They are few and far between."
It is impossible to tell whether the results of the Boca medical team's experiments are accurate, but they seem to have found an issue that warrants a continued watchful eye on It seems that it seems to be a definite progression that requires long-term monitoring of children.
All have to go through 14 days of easy sailing before new exams are given to them as stated by Boca. Before these new exams are given? This will vary on the magnitude of the results of the original assessments, but will certainly need to be done regularly.
Might it be the 5 weeks before the start of the Confederations Cup? "We have no information, we believe not, and we must take it on faith that what the monitoring reveals. Indeed, these athletes are taken care of under regular medical surveillance, and they're very dependent on the services they receive, however, each signal requires a response, regardless of where it is located."
David Mitchell

David Mitchell

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Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

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