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Deportivo Del Pastor's Manager apologizes to Viera and Junior for the offense

Alberto had to issue a retraction to the Uruguayan media, retracting his original statements. The Pasto nodded in agreement, making a conciliatory gesture.

Author:Gabriel Martinez
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Apr 15, 2021
Later, the Twitter checks disproved Sebastián Viera's denial of having made discriminatory remarks, and he issued an apology to the Uruguayan goalkeeper, to the Char families, Deportivo Pasto's head coach, Junior, and the people of Barranquilla.
To the fans, the members of our squad, and the rest of the community, I want to apologize for my behavior on April 11, which was equally the worst of the two teams, today, I write to you all," said the leader of the Junior Barranquilla.
After apologizing to all parties, he said, "In addition, I issued an apology to the entire to Colombian family on social networks because what was private should have ended inside the stadium."
"Finally, he did an about-face, going so far as to rescind his comments because of the tragic incident which had nothing to do with the values of the sportand all about the brotherhood between the two organizations."

It Issues Conciliatory Statements

Respect for the opponent institutions is important for Deportivo Pasto.
As the Uruguayan leader pointed out, Deportivo Pasto took the place of a conciliator after his argument with the leader. Having endured the argument that unfolded in the stands on Sunday, Deportivo Parejo assumed a conciliatory approach and affirmed the importance of the game and rivalry on the field.

So, He Wants The Disciplinary Commission To Look Into It

The chief of the Junior Barranquilla ordered an investigation. Some of our colleagues are well known for being very hostile to people of a different nationality or ethnicity, sadly, and the sports manager in Pasto referred to them in their social networks as xenophobia, " he put it bluntly.
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