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This year's inauspicious 'brancho': Acolf and Boyaco controversy

Differences between Eduardo Pelaez and the union top boss Eduardo González Puch

Author:Daniel Clark
Reviewer:David Mitchell
Apr 15, 2021
This week, there was a presentation at which the directors of Boyacá Chicó and the leadership of Acolfamerika, the national organization of soccer playersfrom Colombia, stirred up fresh controversy in the country's Colombian football.
Lion Messi could stay in one match of two weeks
According to a press release from the chess, the band, Acofel and its representatives breached "biosafety protocols" outside of Tunja. in times with coronavirus
Eduardo Boyá, on his Twitter, promised that the team's union representatives joined the facility fighting.
was against the protests of Sebastián Vieria.
Carlos Puche, CEO of Acolfps, explained the situation in an interview with 'Blog Deportivo' while also being on 'Blu Radio'.
"It's definitely not true (in Chicó)." He is present (Pimentel). He's in charge of it. We enter the parking lot. It is all outside. Our PCR members enter This issue was taken care of in Equidad today "Puche said
It is noteworthy that interactions between Pimentel Murcia and the union have recently have been strained, as Pimentel posted comments on social networks.
Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

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David Mitchell

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