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Tomás Maya agreed: "It will be wonderful"

The left-back, who ended his relationship with Deportivo Pasto, spoke on El VBAR of Caracol Radio and assured that the first approaches had already been made.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Apr 21, 2021
Instead of dwelling on the upcoming semifinal game against América de Cali, it is his quarter-final preparations that he is interested in now. One of the team's objectives is to make there are left-wing more robust. Tomás Maya, who has just signed with Deportivo Pastosaid there is potential in him with Caravana Radio's future on the air.
“To get to the club, we have to worry about other things, particularly their future, explained the Medellinense striker. "I worry about Deportivo Pastois no longer after I arrived, the only thing on my mind is the Million, said the Antioquia forward.
In his professional career, Gonzalo has represented Atlético Nac, his first club, Leones Deportivo, the Atlético Huila team, and Santa Clara Deportivo He has appeared in 87 games for various clubs as a player and got his first goal. They mentioned Bogotá's wish to return to Colombia and praised the skillsof the technical director Alberto Gamero.
Alberto has an outstanding understanding of the game and can pass it around because of Deportes Tolima, so he'd be ideal for Tolima.
In the recent seasons with Deportivo Pasto, he has spent a total of 855 minutes as a starter in all competitions in games that he has been a part of and 1855 minutes as a substitute. He added 5 scores, cleared the block, and produced 7 opportunities. 81% completeness of passing. The return of the left-back is dependent on Felipe's likely departure for 2020.
That remains to be the case, even though it has not been established. América de Cali is on the mind for the quarterfinals. Puerto's first concert is scheduled for this Saturday, April 24 at 3:30 p.m.
David Mitchell

David Mitchell

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