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But he did not hit him: he tied in the cup with Talleres

The vinotinto team is the last of its party and is dependent on a miracle in South America.

Author:Gabriel Martinez
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
May 12, 2021
On the fourth day of Group G of the Copa South American, Deportes Tolimadetermined its future in the Copa Sudamericana at Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium. After drawing 0-0 with Talleres de Córdoba.
In a hard first half, the Argentinean side, which started with Diego Valoyes, provided the first goal choice by attacking the backs of the wings. Michael Santos overtook Castrillón at the 12th minute and was facing Montero, but his description wasn't good and the crackling shot went to the side of the right-hand side of the Colombian goalkeeper.
His double line of four was followed by Hernán Torres' menand, with a silent ball game, set the alarms in the 'T' box. Jaminton Campaz charged Sergio Mosquera with a free shot from the left, taking advantage of his height to take the place of the player and attack the ball with a header; but Guido Herrera stopped his shot in the category.
At the close of the first half, the visiting team's Columbian, Valoyes, split rivals from right to left to take a shot into the field, but with total quietness, it was saved by Montero.
In the second half, Deportes Tolima had a better face of none on the scoreboard. Campaz grabbed creation and almost scored a goal in the 56th minute to decree the advantage. The left-hand Colombian eluded three competitors in the field but fell short of his legs in front of Herrera's bilge, who responded rapidly and fired the '8' pijao at a corner kick.
To expand their offensive force, Torres gave way to Ómar Albornoz, Juan Fernando Caicedo, and Junior Hernandez. In some pieces of the game the pijao team was superior, but the strong defense of the Argentine team added to Guido Herrera's big evening stopped the vinotinto from getting on the floor.
Talleres attacked again and approached Montero's target in the 83rd minute. José Mauri attempted with a shot at ground level from a medium distance but the Colombian goalkeeper was placed well and stopped the ball from reaching the base of the net.
With a far superior Tolima in the second half, in the city of Córdoba, the zero has not been broken and in the Copa Sudamericana, the tie finally sentenced his future.
Hernan Torres' men reached three points in four games in Argentina and are now at the bottom of group G. Emelec is the leader with 7 units remaining for completing this process with two rounds.
Deportes Tolima would therefore have to win the remaining two games and depend on its rivals' performanceif it wishes to take part in the next round of the Cup. It's all for itself and a miracle.
Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez is a respected author at Tennessee Independent, renowned for his expertise in covering News and Sports topics. With a comprehensive understanding of current events and a knack for delivering accurate and engaging content, Gabriel provides readers with insightful analysis and compelling narratives. His dedication to factual accuracy and commitment to delivering authoritative content make him a trusted source for news and sports enthusiasts on Tennessee Independent.
Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark is an experienced author at Tennessee Independent, renowned for delivering insightful articles with a professional approach. With a focus on factual accuracy and authoritative insights, Daniel covers a wide range of topics, providing valuable information and engaging narratives. His expertise in areas such as performance, player profiles, and current events ensures that readers receive trustworthy and informative content. Daniel's commitment to delivering well-researched articles makes him a reliable source for expert perspectives on Tennessee Independent.
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