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The La Equidad's secret to success in the league is showing resilience

This time he has pulled out Atlético Nacional, a book which was already well-known, and wants more: García works this way

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
May 04, 2021
This may be shocking, but it's not a fluke. Many times, the squad under Alexis García's leadership today has outscored the competition with age and tradition. He came within four minutes of taking Santa Fe into the semis last year, thanks to Patricio Cucchi's strike in the tiebreaker.
Now caused an upset, making what many believed was the most likely winner, Atlético Nac, to be a co-favorite. This is tied for his best in Techo, where he dispatched his opponent with claims, and he also managed to take the second leg of Medin Arena, after dispatching his Techo opponent 1-0 in Medin. And thus, he is also in the competition in which he will face the team from Argentina on Thursday at the Centenario stadium in Buenos Aires.
La Equidad came to be well known because of its frequent failures. He's the same technician now, but the concept has shifted. She is troubled by this issue.
We obsess about our competitors a lot, and scheme how to combat them." My teammates like the ball and they annoy me, saying they want to sit back on defense, so I told the defensive coach, "Garcias told the Smoke-Free Zone”
Now, Barcelonais more accurately resembles a team in their first years in A, but you do not foresee an intricate game of Guardiola-inspired soccer. The Dimayor page reveals that it is one of the squads that releases the least: almost 700 of each game (3,964). He has a very different approach to the game, as you've seen.
David Mitchell

David Mitchell

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Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

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