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Circle The Date: La Liga Returns On December 29 With Top Clashes!

While we are used to having a winter break during the La Liga season, the league came to its traditional hiatus a little earlier than usual this season.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Dec 14, 2022
While we are used to having a winter break during the La Liga season, the league came to its traditional hiatus a little earlier than usual this season.
Of course, the 2022 FIFAWorld Cup was the reason behind this as the best 32 national teams over the last four years who were able to qualify all headed to Qatar to battle it out for the biggest prize in football.
However, while many of us have been enjoying what the tournament has had to offer - unless you are perhaps a fan of one of the nations to have been shocked at any point in the competition - the return of La Liga is something that many of us are looking forward to!

La Liga Returns on December 29!

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup scheduled to end on December 18, fans will only have to wait a short period of time before the return of the Spanish domestic action as La Liga is scheduled to recommence on December 29!

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Once the league competition does begin once again, teams will start with Matchday 15 which will be played across the 29th, 30th, and 31st, as each of the 20 teams are in action after what will have been a seven-week break. These are the fixtures to look forward to, with each kickoff being listed in GMT:

December 29:

  • Girona vs Rayo Vallecano - 16:00
  • Real Betis vs Athletic Club - 18:15
  • Atletico Madrid vs Elche - 20:30

December 30:

  • Getafe vs Mallorca - 16:00
  • Celta Vigo vs Sevilla - 18:15
  • Cadiz vs Almeria - 18:15
  • Valladolid vs Real Madrid - 20:30

December 31:

  • Barcelonavs Espanyol - 13:00
  • Real Sociedad vs Osasuna - 15:15
  • Villarreal vs Valencia - 15:15

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Plenty of quality games on offer

With the list of fixtures to have been scheduled, there is no doubt that La Liga fans will have been rewarded for their patience in regard to having had to wait for seven weeks before the domestic action returned.
Indeed, many fans will have been so excited about the return of the league this winter, that there will have been many that will have been looking for ways in which they could enhance the experience that they are able to get.
One popular way many have already decided can achieve this is via betting. Wagering on La Liga games has always been a popular activity with sports bettingenthusiasts, and with oddshaving already been provided and available to utilize, many are weighing up the decisions that they may take before the matches take place.

Which La Liga matches are the best to watch on its return?

While diehard fans of La Liga will state that every single match is worth watching, there is no denying that there are some fixtures on the upcoming schedule that are impossible to miss once the dates arrive.
Perhaps the pick of the ties in Matchday 15 is the derby between Barcelonaand Espanyol, with the two teams typically providing an intriguing contest whenever they take to the pitch. Of course, the Blaugrana are currently the league leaders but this could all change by the time they face their city rivals, as Real Madrid will have already played Valladolid a day prior.
Indeed, that game for the Los Blancos will also be unmissable for fans due to what could potentially be at stake for the team in their quest to retain the title that they had won last season.
Elsewhere, Real Sociedad, Athletic Club, Atletico Madrid, Real Betis, and Osasuna will all be looking to return to the La Liga season in top form as they continue to push for a place in European competition after starting the first part of the campaign in a good way.

Expect La Liga to return with a bang

While FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are moving further away from the others in the race at the top, there is still plenty that can happen throughout the rest of La Liga once it returns on December 29.
With this in mind, it should only be natural to see a number of interesting clashes from the restart and the end of the campaign, thus further building the appeal of the Spanish top tier and giving fans everything that they want from the division!
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