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5 Reasons Why Move-to-Earn NFT Games Will Be The Hottest Trend Of 2023

The purchase and sale of in-game items is the core of the NFT gaming industry's revenue model.

Author:Henrik SchmidtJan 20, 2023
The purchase and sale of in-game items is the core of the NFT gaming industry's revenue model. These digital assets can either be used within the game to acquire new items or experiences or be traded with other playersfor real-world currency to generate a profit. Because the market determines an asset's worth, that value is subject to change depending on the asset's demand level.
Gaming businesses are exploring various approaches to incorporating NFTs into their games. For instance, the video game Axie Infinity enables users to buy, sell, and even breed their digital creatures. You may put these pets to use in combat and make money off of them by selling them.
Now, game companies are trying to incorporate business models other than the play-to-earn mode. Move-to-earn is one of them. In this article, we talk about what Move-to-earn games are, best alternatives, and why they will be popular in 2023.

What are Move-to-Earn Games

Move-to-earn is a feature of Web3 that is rapidly evolving, and it gives individuals the ability to own and earn from their data. The goal of M2E is to make the blockchain-based incentive system for promoting healthy lifestyles as widespread as possible.
Through M2E apps, users can earn cryptocurrency rewards by engaging in physical activities related to sports and fitness. These apps utilize a mechanism analogous to that of Play-to-Earn web3 apps, which rewards users for their contributions and their levels of expertise.
However, to complete M2E, users are required to keep moving throughout the experience and take part in a variety of different physical workouts and activities. The vast majority of M2E apps use decentralized finance (DeFi) characteristics to reward participants and offer them "skin in the game."

5 Reasons Why Move-to-Earn NFT Games will be the Hottest Trend of 2023

  • The widespread appeal of move-to-earn is one of the primary factors contributing to its rise to prominence as one of the most talked-about cryptotrends of 2023. What could be objectionable about being rewarded for activities we are already required to perform, such as walking the dog or driving to and from work daily? Knowing that you will be compensated monetarily for your efforts to maintain an active lifestyle can be a very effective motivational tool. And that's without even mentioning that, in contrast to other cryptocurrency-related endeavors, M2E can be a low-risk commitment that doesn't require any hidden fees or payments upfront to enter the world of blockchain technology. With M2E, you don't have to pick between working up a sweat while playing games or going out and playing games while working up a sweat; you can do both while having a fantastic time M2E.
  • Furthermore, the user gets rewarded for the effort they put into playing M2E, and the more effort they put into remaining active, the more they will be rewarded. You may also have seen that the M2E is less of an actual game and more of an enjoyable activity that participants are required to participate in so that they might gain.
  • As a result of play-to-earn games laying the conceptual and operational foundation for NFT-based gaming, move-to-earn NFT games are set to experience a skyrocketing spike in popularity this year. Games like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and many others have expanded in popularity over the past few years, accumulating a significant number of users and triggering the formation of gaming guilds that bring together players with similar interests. Now, the cryptocurrency community is prepared for the next iteration of the Play-to-Earn format.
  • The ease of entry in move-to-earn games is the primary reason for their widespread popularity. Move-to-earn games take advantage of actions that every human is familiar with, such as movement. This contrasts traditional character-based games with plots and gameplay that require time, dedication, and effort to grasp. This implies that a player does not have to go through much of a learning curve before playing and earning, removing barriers to the entrance for anyone.
  • Move-to-Earn can potentially cut costs associated with medical care, insurance, and sick leave because it promotes a healthier way of life. Play-to-Earn video games aren't as appealing to young, more health-conscious populations as Move-to-Earn applications are because of their additional benefits. This year is expected to see the emergence of different projects and investments, each of which will attempt its unique approach to monetizing the intersection of blockchain technology and physical activity.

Best Alternate to Move-to-Earn Games: P2E NFT Game

Chainers.iois an NFT P2E game. It is a next-gen NFT game for fun-seekers. It is based on a creative economy principle, enabling users to create assets, maintain full ownership of them, and trade those goods on the open market.
You can engage in fierce competition while constructing your very own Chainer Empire. The Chainers Metaverse was developed to provide a collaborative and creative play platform. Seize the opportunity to create Chainers' clothing, accessories, housing, surroundings, and even your own games. Best part about it all, is that you get free NFTs whilst you build your empire.


NFT games reflect the industry's way forward and are experiencing massive gains in popularity across several countries. The incentives that Move-to-earn NFT games now have to offer point to a bright future for this genre of gaming. As a result, individuals who want to engage in move-to-earn NFT games will have a wide variety of options available to them in 2023.
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