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Son Heung-min Injures Finger In Dispute With South Korea Teammates At Asian Cup

Son Heung-min injures finger in dispute with South Korea teammates at Asian Cup. The altercation occurred after a team dinner before South Korea's semi-final against Jordan.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Feb 15, 20244.5K Shares63.3K Views
Son Heung-min injures finger in dispute with South Korea teammates at Asian Cup. The altercation occurred after a team dinner before South Korea's semi-final against Jordan.
Many of the younger players, notably Lee Kang-in, a forward for Paris Saint-Germain who is 22 years old, have stated a desire to leave the team and play table tennis professionally. Although Son is the captain of the South Korean team, he was critical of the younger players for what he considered to be a lack of concentration. Due to the unfortunate circumstances, Son ended up injuring his finger during the confrontation.
"It happened when some young players went up to play table tennis, and Son Heung-min and other older players took issue with it," the South Korean FA (KFA) said in a statement to Yonhap News Agency.
"The players exchanged a few words and Son hurt his finger in the process."
On Saturday, Son made his first appearance for Tottenham since returning from the Asian Cup. He came on as a substitute in the second half of the team's 2-1 victory over Brighton & Hove Albion.
The 31-year-old wore a strap on his right index and middle fingers. Lee, on the other hand, resorted to social media to express his regret for the incident to his followers.
There was an article about me having a verbal argument with Son ahead of the Asian Cup semi-final. I am very sorry to disappoint football fans who always support the South Korea national team. I should follow senior (older) players in the team, but I am sorry that I showed not nice behavior to football fans. I apologize to all fans who were disappointed in me. I will try to be a better player and person helping senior and older players from now on.- Lee Kang-in posted on Instagram
The nickname "zombie football" was given to South Korea because of their ability to score goals in the final minutes of the Asian Cup, which was held in Qatar. Nevertheless, their trip came to an end when they were defeated by Jordan in the semi-final by a score of 2-0. This resulted in criticism being aimed not only at the players but also at the head coach, Jurgen Klinsmann.
After South Korea was eliminated from the competition, Klinsmann, who is under contract until after the 2026 World Cup, expressed hope about the future of the team. This was even though these events were disappointing. Specifically, he reaffirmed his anticipation that Son will continue to be dedicated to playing football at the international level.
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