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Texas Win In Lubbock Marred As Texas Tech Fans Throw Bottles On The Court

In a high-stakes showdown between Texas and Texas Tech on Tuesday night, Texas win in Lubbock marred as Texas Tech fans throw bottles with an 81-69 win, but the game was marred by a significant delay due to unruly fan behavior.

Author:Daniel Clark
Reviewer:David Mitchell
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In a high-stakes showdown between Texas and Texas Tech on Tuesday night, Texas win in Lubbock marred as Texas Tech fans throw bottleswith an 81-69 win, but the game was marred by a significant delay due to unruly fan behavior. Dylan Disu led the Longhorns with 21 points, while Max Abmas contributed 18 crucial points to secure the win.
Midway through the second half, tensions escalated when Texas' Brock Cunningham delivered a hard check to Darrion Williams, resulting in an ejection with a flagrant foul 2. As officials reviewed the play, frustrated fans threw objects, including water bottles, onto the floor, leading to security removing some spectators from the arena.
The chaos didn't end there. Cunningham's ejection prompted an administrative technical for Texas Tech due to the fans' behavior, triggering another round of object-throwing. Texas Tech coach Grant McCasland took to the microphone to address the crowd, urging them to cease their disruptive actions. McCasland emphasized, acknowledging the few individuals whose actions impacted the entire event.
We all know what's at stake in this game. There's a lot going on. There's a lot of passion in this game... this can't happen.- Grant McCasland
After the disruption, Texas Tech managed to close the gap slightly, but they couldn't overcome the 12-point margin secured by Texas in the final moments. The Red Raiders finished the game at 29-9, with a Big 12 record of 8-7.
Texas coach Rodney Terry revealed he considered removing his team from the court due to the ongoing disruptions. Terry conveyed to referee Kelly Self, commending McCasland for his efforts to restore order.
If they keep throwing things, we're going to go back in the locker room. We've got to protect our guys.- Rodney Terry
Despite the tumultuous events, the Longhorns (18-10, 7-8 Big 12) showcased their dominance in the first half, outscoring the Red Raiders 47-23. Chendall Weaver contributed 15 points, and Kadin Shedrick added 10 to the Longhorns' tally.
Tech's Isaacs, who finished with 17 points, tried to rally his team in the second half, but it wasn't enough to secure the win. Texas' departure from the Big 12 to the SEC next season adds significance to this final scheduled meeting between the rivals.
The game, overshadowed by fan misconduct, featured a remarkable 56 free throws, with three playersfrom each team accumulating four fouls. Despite the controversy, the Longhorns claimed their 90th win in the historic 157-game series against Texas Tech, ending the season series with a split.

Final Words

Texas clinched a hard-earned victory over Texas Tech on Tuesday night, but the game's positive energy was marred by off-court disturbances.
The turning point occurred midway through the second half when Texas' Brock Cunningham was ejected with a flagrant 2 for a hard foul on Texas Tech's Darrion Williams. In response, Red Raiders fans threw water bottles and assorted items onto the court during the review process.
The situation escalated when fans received an administrative technical for their disruptive actions, leading to further outbursts. Only after Texas Tech coach Grant McCasland intervened, urging the home crowd to settle down, did peace return to the United Supermarkets Arena.
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