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Who Is Brad Daugherty Wife, Know About Her Everything

You may be wondering who is Brad Daugherty wife. Heidi Rost is the spouse of Brad Daugherty, who is a co-owner of the NASCAR Cup Series. She is well-known in the community since she is the spouse of Brad, who was a basketball player in the past. Heidi acquired popularity and prominence after marrying her adored spouse. In a similar vein, her husband, Brad, is an American professional basketball player who has played the game professionally in the past.

Author:Daniel Clark
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Oct 13, 2023
You may be wondering who is Brad Daugherty wife. Heidi Rost is the spouse of Brad Daugherty, who is a co-owner of the NASCAR Cup Series. She is well-known in the community since she is the spouse of Brad, who was a basketball player in the past.
Heidi acquired popularity and prominence after marrying her adored spouse. In a similar vein, her husband, Brad, is an American professional basketball player who has played the game professionally in the past.
In addition to this, he is a co-owner of a NASCAR Cup Series team and works as an analyst for the JTG Daugherty Racing organization. The guy, now 57 years old, is a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Quick Facts About Heidi Rost

Full NameHeidi Luise Rost
NicknameHeidi Rost
Date of BirthDecember 10, 1970
Hair ColorSalt and Pepper
Age52 years old
Eye ColorBlack
Sexuality Straight

Who Is Brad Daugherty Wife?

Cavs legend Brad Daugherty
Cavs legend Brad Daugherty
The answer to who is Brad Daugherty wife is Heidi Roast. In June 1990, Brad tied the knot with Heidi Roast in Daytona Beach. The age difference between Brad and Heidi is five years. After they had exchanged their vows, the couple took their reception party to the next level by having Daugherty ride in a horse-drawn carriage as an airplane flew above and displayed a banner that said, "Heidi, I love you!" Love Brad.
Many well-known people attended their wedding, and Joe Wolf, a former forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, was one of his groomsmen. Years after first meeting at a café in Ormond Beach, the couple eventually tied the knot in a spectacular ceremony as Heidi savored the moment by taking photographs.
When Daugherty came with his pals, he was covered in grease from working on his friend's vehicle, and Heidi was working the morning shift at the time. It was the first time either of them had ever met, and their mutual friends arranged a date for them shortly after. While Rost and Daugherty were strolling down the beach, they carried on an ordinary conversation about their lives.
Instead of telling her about his stint in the NBA, Brad told her that he hung out with his racing pals and helped them work on their cars. Brad did not tell her about his time in the NBA. When Rost told her parents how she felt about the new man in her life, her parents gave her advice that was in direct opposition to each other. Rost's father told her to forget about the man since he didn't have a stable career, while Rost's mother pushed her to pursue her love for the man.
Despite this, instead of giving her a present for Christmas in 1996, Brad sent her a five-page love letter that was full of emotions. In it, he reminisced about all of the wonderful moments they had shared and expressed how much he loved her.
Both Brad and Heidi have moved on from their relationship. She got a divorce from Brad and remarried a man named Kevin Geagan, who lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

Heidi Rost Biography

When it comes to her early life and upbringing, the legendary diva hasn't opened up to the public too much about her experiences. In addition, Heidi has not disclosed any details about her private life. Whether it has anything to do with her or the wonderful family she has
Heidi Daugherty, Brad Daugherty's wife, was born to her mother and father on December 10th, 1970. In addition, the media is not aware of the location of her birth.
Brad Daugherty's wife, Heidi Rost, has reached the age of 52. Her eyes have a dark tint, and she has a pair of them. In addition to this, Heidi has the most beautiful salt and pepper hair color that complements her personality perfectly.
When it comes to her physical characteristics, she is of average height and weight for her height. Her weight is modest. The precise location of Heidi Rost's birth is unknown. Because of this, determining her nationality has proven to be rather challenging. Her orientation in the sexual world is heterosexual.
Her ancestry may be traced back to more than one culture. The diva has not disclosed any information on her religious practice either. Mrs. Rost's solar sign is Sagittarius.
Brad Daugherty Wife Heidi Rost With A Baby
Brad Daugherty Wife Heidi Rost With A Baby

What Is Heidi Rost's Net Worth

The amount of money that Brad Daugherty's wife, Heidi Rost, is worth is not made entirely public to the media. However, Heidi, who is a well-known spouse, has not divulged any information on her work life.
As a result, we are unable to collect any information that can be considered reliable about her earnings. Given that she is married to a person who has played in the NBA in the past, it is reasonable to assume that she has amassed a sizeable fortune in her own right.
Her husband, on the other hand, is well-known American "Brad Daugherty," who played basketball professionally in the past, and has an estimated net worth of $25 Million. Because of his consistently high quality of play with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he has amassed a significant net worth throughout the course of his professional basketball career.
In addition to that, the basketball team has given him a significant degree of physical contact. Additionally, he has been a part of the business operations of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Heidi Rost Occupation

Heidi Rost is a well-known personality; nevertheless, information on her professional life is not generally accessible to the public, despite the fact that she is married to former NBA star Brad Daugherty. Regarding her work life, Heidi has not shared any information with anyone.
On the other hand, the name of Heidi Rost's husband, Bradley Lee Daugherty, who used to play basketball professionally in the United States, is one that is well-known among followers of NASCAR racing as well as basketball. Daugherty's life and career have been nothing short of amazing, as shown by the nicknames "Big Dukie" and "The Hooch," respectively.

Does Brad Daugherty Have Kids?

Both Heidi and Brad have been blessed with offspring of their own. Heidi has welcomed a son and a daughter into the world. Despite this, the pair have chosen to keep their personal lives a secret. They haven't been too forthcoming about their actual birthdays. Their son's name is Colton, and their daughter's name is Bri, both daughters.

Heidi Rost's Husband's Early Life

On October 19, 1965, Brad Daugherty was born in the town of Black Mountain, North Carolina. When Brad was little, he was always interested in playing basketball. He graduated from Charles D. Owen High School, where he was the class champion, and went on to win the North Carolina State Championship.
After graduating from high school, Brad applied to and was accepted to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill on a scholarship. The whole of Brad's undergraduate career was spent playing for the North Carolina Tar Heels, and by the time he was a junior, he had established himself as a consensus All-American.

The Career Of Heidi Rost's Husband

Because of Brad Daugherty's success in college, the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to give Brad Daugherty a chance to play for their club when he graduated. This was the beginning of Daugherty's professional basketball career. In the year 1986, he was the first player chosen in the first round of the overall draft. In 1986, he also selected Ron Harper as the eighth overall choice in the draft.
In NBA play, he has recorded nineteen points and ten rebounds to go along with those totals. Since being chosen for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he has only participated in a single game of basketball. Since 1996, when he departed from the game, he has not played for any other business.
He has a significant amount of experience in the game of basketball. He is also involved in a number of other enterprises, including the management of garbage, the automobile dealership industry, and commercial real estate. In addition to that, he has worked for ESPN as a basketball commentator and a NASCAR announcer at various points in his career.
After hanging up his basketball shoes, he joined forces with another individual to purchase a stake in the NASCAR Camping World Series. In the course of his professional life, he has earned a number of accolades and accomplished a number of goals.
He was selected for the NBA All-Star Game five times and also made the Third Team for All-NBA. In 1987, Daugherty was selected to the NBA All-Rookie First Team as a rookie in the NBA. In 1982, he was honored with the McDonald's All-American Award. He has had a prosperous career in the world of basketball and has had enormous professional advancement throughout the course of his career.
The accomplishments that Brad Daugherty made in the sportof basketball as well as NASCAR will go on as his legacy. In spite of the fact that he only played basketball for a brief period of time, he established himself as one of the most legendary playersin the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Many young players who wish to follow their talents outside of their sporting careers find him to be an inspiration because of how well he transitioned his profession from basketball to NASCAR commentary after retiring from the sport.

Who is Brad Daugherty married to?

Some Interesting Facts About Heidi Rost

  • Heidi Rost's full name is Heidi Luise Rost.
  • She was born on the 10th of December in 1970, which makes her 52 years old now.
  • She has dark eyes and hair that is a mixture of salt and pepper.
  • Regarding her sexual orientation, Heidi considers herself to be heterosexual.
  • There has been no disclosure of the identities of her parents.
  • She has not divulged any information about her brothers and sisters.
  • There is no information that can be found concerning her previous educational experience.It is not known what Heidi's net worth is.
  • She is most recognized as the partner of a former basketball player who competed on the professional level, Brad Daugherty.
  • When Heidi was working as a waitress at a restaurant and Brad was a basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the two of them crossed paths and became a couple.
  • They exchanged vows in June 1990 at Daytona Beach, in the state of Florida.
  • The actual dates of birth of the couple's children, Colton and Bri Daugherty, are unknown. The couple's children go by the names Colton and Bri Daugherty.
  • There have been rumors circulating that the couple has split. Since then, Heidi has remarried Kevin Geagon, and the two of them now make their home in Asheville, in the state of North Carolina.

People Also Ask

What Is The Complete Name Of Heidi Rost?

Heidi Rost's full name is Heidi Luise Rost.

When Did She Make Her Debut?

On December 10th, 1970, Heidi Rost came into the world.

What Is Her Age?

Heidi Rost has reached the age of 52.

What Is Heidi Rost's Ethnicity?

She comes from a family of many ethnicities.

Who Is Heidi Rost's Partner In Life?

The man named Brad Daugherty is her husband.

How Many Children Does She Have?

She is the mother of two children, and their names are Colton and Bri Daugherty.


The relationship that Heidi Rost had with her ex-husband Brad Daugherty, who was a well-known person in the world of professional basketball, was principally responsible for her rise to prominence and her introduction to the general public. The answer to the question about who is Brad Daugherty's wife is Heidi Roast.
Her marriage to Brad and the subsequent dissolution of their marriage have been topics of discussion among members of the public, although the specifics of Heidi's personal life and profession remain mostly confidential.
Heidi was a prominent figure in the world of sportsfor a period of time due to the fact that her husband was a well-known NBA player. However, now that she has moved on from her marriage to Brad and remarried, Heidi has opted to have a more low-key presence, and there is minimal information accessible about her current pursuits.
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