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Who Is Karim Benzema Wife, Know About Her Family

However, he was injured before the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and was not able to participate for France in the tournament. In addition to his professional accomplishments, his devoted followers often inquire on the internet about many aspects of his personal life, including his wife. Many fans want to know about who is Karim Benzema wife and many other details.

Author:Gabriel Martinez
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Oct 05, 2023
Cora Gauthier is a model and an influential person on Instagram. There are numerous clothing and shoe companies that employ her. She became more well-known when she tied the knot with Karim Benzema. Karim Mostafa Benzema is widely regarded as one of the game's finest forwards in his position. He was born in France and now serves as a striker for both the French national team and the Spanish club Real Madrid.
Benzema has led Real Madrid to victories in two Copa del Rey championships, four La Liga championships, and five UEFA Champions Leaguecompetitions. In addition to having a fantastic season in 2022 and winning the Ballon d'Or in 2022, he is Real Madrid's second-highest goal scorer all-time.
However, he was injured before the FIFAWorld Cup in 2022 and was not able to participate for France in the tournament. In addition to his professional accomplishments, his devoted followers often inquire on the internet about many aspects of his personal life, including his wife. Many fans want to know about who is Karim Benzemawife and many other details.

Quick Facts About Cora Gauthier

BirthdayApril 11, 1989
Place of BirthFrance
ResidencyMadrid, Spain
Partner Karim Benzema
JobModel and Instagram star
Famous for For being Karim Benzema Wife
Net worth $3 million

Who Is Karim Benzema Wife?

Cora Gauthier
Cora Gauthier
Karim Benzema met his wife Cora Gauthier in Dubai in December 2015. The two people were immediately taken with one another's charisma and decided to start dating not long after their first encounter. After waiting another year, Cora finally made the trip to Madrid to be with Benzema.
Because they sought to avoid an excessive amount of attention from the media, they were successful in keeping their relationship out of the public spotlight for the first few years of their partnership. In spite of this, it was just a matter of time until Cora and Benzema's connection became public knowledge since Cora is a model and Benzema is a professional athlete.
They have matured into more responsible, devoted people since the birth of their child, which has strengthened their connection to one another. As of right now, the Benzema family has only recently relocated to Saudi Arabia, following in Benzema's footsteps when he went to Al-Ittihad in June of 2023.

Cora Gauthier Personal Life

Because Cora Gauthier was born on April 11th, 1989, in France, she is a citizen of that country. It may be deduced from her date of birth that she is an Aries. Because she was born on April 11th, 1989, in France, Cora is a citizen of that country. Due to the fact that she has spent most of her life in the public eye, she feels very at ease when she is in the presence of the media.
On the other hand, she has been quite discreet about the disclosure of any of her personal information. At this time, the identities of her parents as well as the jobs they held remain unknown to us. Karim Benzema is married to the beautiful Cora Gauthier. Cora Gauthier, who is married to Karim Benzema, has a sister who goes by the name Sary Gauthier.
The ancestors of Cora, Karim Benzema's wife, are from the island nation of Martinique. Cora has a height of 1.7 meters, which is about 5 feet 7 inches, and a weight of around 55 kilograms. Because she is a model, she adheres to a healthy eating regimen and is very motivated to keep her body in shape.

Professional Career Of Cora Gauthier

As a pastime, Cora got her start in the modeling industry. But quickly, she realized that she was fairly excellent in front of the camera, and because of this, she decided to give the world of modeling a go. The stunning young woman presently serves as an ambassador for a number of fashion and jewelry firms in both her native France and Spain.
She exudes charm from head to toe, elevating the status of any product she chooses to promote by virtue of her stunning appearance. She has increased reach as a result of her status as the wife of a prominent player for Real Madrid, which helps her get rich partnerships. Additionally, Cora is a popular figure on Instagram.
On Instagram, where she mostly publishes photographs of herself and her lovely daughter, the stunning French woman's excellent material has garnered a considerable response from her followers. The combination of her excellent fashion sense and her beautiful form produces photographs that are worthy of being posted on Instagram and that immediately draw the attention of the viewers.

Early Life Of Cora Gauthier's Husband

Karim Mostafa Benzema was born on December 19th, 1987, in the city of Lyon, France. He is a French footballplayer. Benzema is of Algerian descent, despite the fact that both of his parents were born in France. Karim, who is one of seven siblings and was brought up in a Muslim home, began the practice of fasting throughout the month of Ramadan when he was young and maintains it to this day. Benzema began his career as a professional soccerplayer when he was just eight years old.
Cora Gauthier wearing Curly Hair down And Wearing purple sparkly Dress
Cora Gauthier wearing Curly Hair down And Wearing purple sparkly Dress

The Career Of Cora Gauthier's Husband

Benzema undertook a tryout with the French club and gained a spot in their development program after scoring twice against Lyon's young squad in a U-10 game. Karim scored 38 goals for Lyon's U-16 team after working as a ballboy for the club's senior games. Later, he was elevated to Lyon's reserve squad, and in 2004, he joined the main group of players.
Karim joined Lyon on a three-year deal after showing promise. The next year, he participated in the Champions League for the first time and scored his first goal. Karim Benzema gained increased playing time and finally the position of primary striker for the French squad after demonstrating his talent. After this, Benzema turned into a prolific goal scorer, hitting hat-tricks, doubles, and crucial goals in Champions League games.
With the signing of a new deal in 2008, Benzema became one of the highest-paid soccer playersin France. He also rose to the position of leading scorer in the league and was a 2008 Ballon d'Or contender. Due to stronger teams starting to express interest in the teenage striker, Lyon decided to price the player at 100 million euros.
Real Madrid made a bid for Benzema in 2009, and Lyon accepted it. Along with an additional 41 million euros in incentives, the Spanish side contributed 35 million euros. After agreeing to a six-year deal, Benzema first filled in for Los Blancos, drawing criticism from the Spanish media. After scoring a significant goal, Benzema's reputation at the club increased, and he started to integrate more successfully.
However, when Jose Mourinho took over as the new Real Madrid manager in 2010, Benzema once again lost favor. Benzema eventually entered the starting lineup despite Mourinho's outright admission that he didn't believe Karim would make a suitable striker for the squad due to injuries.
Karim took advantage of the chance and scored three goals against Levante in the Copa del Rey as well as a hat-trick in the Champions League. Benzema began collaborating with Cristiano Ronaldofor the first time during this time.
Karim shed 18 pounds and added muscle over the summer before the 2011–12 season after receiving compliments from Mourinho. The French striker scored eight goals in only seven games, so the impact was significant. This was the start of Benzema's offensive apex. Later, he broke Zidane's record to become the best French scorer in La Liga, and over the next several years, he also repeatedly earned the French Footballer of the Year title.
Karim played with Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale as an aggressive front three throughout the 2013–14 season. They scored 97 goals as a team that season. Benzema extended his contract with Real Madrid by five years before the start of the next campaign. The majority of the next few years saw him maintain his form, and in 2020 he signed a new deal that would keep him with the team until 2022. Benzema scored his 250th goal for Los Blancos in 2020 as well.
Benzema's first significant tournament for France outside of his club career was Euro 2008. Later, he participated in Euro 2012 and the 2010 World Cup. After that, Benzema made the team for the 2014 World Cup. Karim was disqualified from the 2016 Euro and the 2018 World Cup due to controversies and scandals. In 2019, Benzema stated his displeasure at being essentially kicked from the French national team and even joked about playing for another country (perhaps Algeria) in the future.

Does Karim Benzema Have Kids?

Yes, Karim Benzema does actually have two kids. On May 5, 2017, Cora welcomed her first child into the world, a son named Ibrahim Benzema. In addition to that, she is Melia's stepmother. Karim Benzema has a daughter from a prior relationship, and her name is Melia. Currently, she is enjoying a wonderful life with her family.

Some Interesting Facts About Cora Gauthier

  • Cora Gauthier is an Aries since she was born in France on April 11th, 1989, making her a Pisces.
  • She was born in France and has lived most of her life in the spotlight, earning her citizenship in that country.
  • Cora is well-known for her work as a model and for her popularity on Instagram.
  • After being married to the professional soccerstar Karim Benzema, she received a tremendous amount of attention.
  • In December 2015, Cora and Karim Benzema first crossed paths in Dubai, and they began dating not long after that.
  • They decided to keep their romance a secret for the first few years of their partnership in order to prevent an excessive amount of media attention.
  • Sary Gauthier is Cora's sister. Cora has a sister called Sary.
  • Her family has deep roots in the Caribbean island country of Martinique, where they first settled.
  • She weighs around 55 kilos and has a height of about 1.7 meters (5 feet 7 inches). Her standing height is roughly 5 feet 7 inches.
  • Cora is committed to maintaining a healthy weight by adhering to a strict diet and works hard to keep her body in shape.
  • In both France and Spain, she represents a number of fashion and jewelry brands as an ambassador for those brands.
  • Her impressive level of financial success enables her to maintain an extravagant way of living.
  • Cora has an active presence on Instagram, where she garners a sizeable following by posting images of both herself and her kid.
  • When Karim joined Al-Ittihad in June of 2023, she and her family uprooted their lives and moved to Saudi Arabia.

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What Is Cora Gauthier's Net Worth?

Cora has an impressive net worth, the majority of which she earned as a result of her numerous accomplishments in the modeling industry. Her enormous skill and unwavering commitment have always been the driving forces behind her meteoric rise to the top of the financial world, even if it is not known whether or not she actively makes money off of her internet presence.
She is able to live a life of richness as a result of her success, which is backed by a bank balance that is more than capable of keeping up with her lavish way of living. The amount of money that Cora reportedly has in her net worth is $3 million.

People Also Ask

When Did Cora Gauthier First Make Her Appearance?

Cora Gauthier first made her appearance on April 11, 1989.

Where In The World Does Cora Gauthier Hail From?

Cora Gauthier hails from France.

Where Does Cora Gauthier Currently Reside?

Cora Gauthier currently resides in Madrid, Spain.

Who Is The Man That Cora Gauthier Is Married To?

His name is Karim Benzema.

What Is It Exactly That Cora Gauthier Does For A Living?

She is a Model and Instagram star.


The answer to the question of who is Karim Benzema's wife is Cora Gauthier. Her marriage to Karim Benzema has had an impact on her climb to stardom. Although she first started her modeling profession as a pastime, her relationship with the well-known Real Madrid soccer player has greatly increased her public visibility. Cora is a sought-after brand ambassador for jewelry and clothing companies in both France and Spain because of her gorgeous looks and personality.
While Cora's marriage to Karim Benzema undoubtedly contributed to her ascent to stardom, her own accomplishments as a model and influencer cannot be disregarded. She has shown her skill and dedication, which have resulted in successful collaborations and a noteworthy net worth. The story of Cora Gauthier's rise to fame demonstrates both her own personal accomplishments and the clear impact that her friendship with a well-known sportsman has had on her career.
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