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Brazil Is Lit Up In Honor Of Pelé An Eternal King

Brazil is lit up in honor of Pelé. The morning after the death of footballing legend Pelé has arrived in Brazil for the first time. On Thursday, "The King," who was widely regarded as the greatest footballer of all time, passed away at the age of 82 in Sao Paulo. He won three World Cups during his illustrious career.

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Brazil is lit up in honor of Pelé. The morning after the death of footballing legend Pelé has arrived in Brazil for the first time. On Thursday, "The King," who was widely regarded as the greatest footballer of all time, passed away at the age of 82 in Sao Paulo. He won three World Cups during his illustrious career.
In honor of Pelé, the face of the legendary soccerplayer was projected onto buildings and landmarks across the country of South America overnight. Dedicated followers took to the streets wearing replicas of his famous number 10 shirt. The Brazilian government has ordered a three-day period of national mourning to be observed.

The Eternal King

On Friday, Pelé was the topic of conversation on the majority of the front pages in Brazil. Because he is considered by Brazilians to be their King for all time, a headline read, "Pelé died, if indeed Pelé can die."
The most recent time a state of national mourning was observed was after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. There have been many comparisons made between Pelé and royalty due to the fact that he was the closest thing Brazil had to royalty.
When word spread that Pele had passed away, mourners began to congregate outside of the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo around the afternoon of the previous day.
Beginning in the year 2021, Pelé had been receiving treatment for colon cancer. The Brazilian people, aware that his condition was deteriorating, had spent the previous weeks contemplating his life and legacy.
Many people are relieved that he is no longer in pain, but they will miss him greatly because he was such an iconic athlete.
The hospital has confirmed in a statement that he passed away as a result of the failure of multiple organs due to the cancer he had.
However, the hospital added that it shared the suffering felt by the family and everyone else over the loss of "our beloved King of football." This was a reflection of his status as a legend in the sport.
An individual who was standing in front of the Fiesp building in Sao Paulo while it displayed a colorful tribute spoke about the magnitude of the feeling for Pelé. Widisley Guimarães told the news:
It is indescribable to say at this moment what we are going through here; the loss.- Widisley Guimarães
At the Museum of Footballin Sao Paulo, an exhibition was set up overnight to promote Brazil's beloved King. The museum even put on display the footballshirt that he was wearing in 1970 when he scored the first goal against Italy and Brazil ultimately won. That was his third World Cup victory, further establishing him as a legend in the sport of football.
Romulo Rezende Dias, who had come to see the display with his wife and three children said:
For us, he's a national symbol who turned into an international symbol, who took our country to all corners of the world. Brazil may not have a monarchy, but in footballwe have our King.- Romulo Rezende Dias
Andres Moreno Castillo Junior, whose father established one of the largest supporters' clubs for Corinthians, a rival of Pelé's Santos, stated that whenever the departed footballer was on the field, the opposing team almost always lost. Andres's father founded one of the largest supporters' clubs for Corinthians.
Pelé and his legacy will be eternal. With the footballhe achieved in his era, imagine what he could have done with today's technology.- Andres Moreno Castillo Junior
Tributes for him have poured in, including from Brazil's Neymar, who said:
Before Pelé, footballwas only a sport. Pelé changed everything. He turned footballinto art, into entertainment. He gave a voice to the poor, to black people.- Anonymous
France striker and Neymar's Paris St-Germain team-mate Kylian Mbappé added that his legacy will never be forgotten. During his 21-year career, Pelé set a world record with 1,281 goals in 1,363 appearances, including 77 goals in 92 matches for his country.
Pelé was named Fifa's Player of the Century in 2000 after becoming the only player to win the World Cup three times, in 1958, 1962, and 1970. But he was also a cultural icon. Pelé rose to the status of national treasure as a black man in a country with a long history of slavery and a legacy of segregation that still exists.
On the field, he was frequently subjected to monkey chants and was given several racist nicknames. Pelé, on the other hand, once said that if he had stopped every game after a monkey taunt, he would have had to stop all of them.

Final Words

Pelé was instrumental in creating space and recognition for black people in Brazilian football, according to his biographer Angelica Basthi, but he was never directly involved in the fight against racism.
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