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Chelsea, Brighton Approve £115m Transfer For Moisés Caicedo

The soccer teams Chelsea, Brighton approve £115m transfer for moisés caicedo. Chelsea and Brighton have reached an agreement on a British transfer record fee of £115 million ($146 million) for the midfielder Moisés Caicedo.

Author:Daniel Clark
Reviewer:David Mitchell
Aug 15, 2023
The soccerteams Chelsea, Brighton approve £115m transfer for Moisés Caicedo. Chelsea and Brighton have reached an agreement on a British transfer record fee of £115 million ($146 million) for the midfielder Moisés Caicedo.
It is anticipated that the 21-year-old will undergo a medical examination on Monday and sign an eight-year contract as part of a trade that would surpass the previous maximum fee of £105.8 million that the Blues paid Benfica for Enzo Fernández in January.
On Friday, Liverpool had a proposal for the midfielder that was somewhat lower than the one that Chelsea accepted, and it was valued at roughly £111 million. However, sources revealed that the player intended to transfer solely to Stamford Bridge.
According to our sources, Chelsea will make an initial guaranteed payment of £100 million, and they will also pay an additional £15 million in add-ons. About half of the add-ons are characterized as being simple to do, however the other half are much more challenging to activate.
Even after Liverpool finalised terms with Brighton, the 21-year-old made it plain he wanted to go to Stamford Bridge, and Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino vowed more additions would be on the way following a 1-1 Premier League tie with Jurgen Klopp's side.
For sure we are going to improve the squad. It is about finding the right profile, the right player to create a combination maybe where we are more solid.- Pochettino
After having a disagreement with Leeds on the payment arrangement around United States national Tyler Adams's £20 million release clause, Chelsea chose not to pursue the signing of Adams and instead elected to utilize that money to help with the pursuit of other possibilities.
Pochettino stated in an exclusive interview with ESPN last month that Chelsea are in dire need of midfield reinforcements, and Caicedo had been the Argentine manager's top priority during the whole summer transfer window.
In addition to their pursuit of Caicedo, Chelsea is working on reaching a deal with Southampton to get Romeo Lavia. They are optimistic that this will allow them to acquire another midfielder before Liverpool does.
Southampton is thought to have turned down at least three offers from Liverpool for Lavia, but it is claimed that Chelsea has expressed a readiness to spend more than the 19-year-old player's current worth of £50 million.

Moisés Caicedo Facts

Moisés Isaac Caicedo Corozo was born on November 02, 2001. He is an Ecuadorian professional footballer who currently plays for Premier League side Brighton & Hove Albion and the Ecuador national team as a defensive midfielder.
Moisés Caicedo wearing a white and blue uniform.
Moisés Caicedo wearing a white and blue uniform.
Caicedo, the youngest of ten siblings, was born in Santo Domingo and grew up playing footballon the scrubland grounds of his birthplace, where goals were marked out by stone heaps. As a kid, he met local footballcoach Iván Guerra, who would pay for Caicedo's footballboots, travel, and meals.
Caicedo was encouraged by Guerra to join a local academy named after the Ecuadorian club Barcelona. Caicedo was called up to a regional select XI after playing in games around the Santo Domingo Canton. During his childhood, he also played for Colorado's Jaipadida. Caicedo began as a striker before transitioning to midfield and joining the academy of professional club ESPOLI.
On June 27, 2023, it was announced that Brighton had rejected an £80 million deal from Chelsea for Caicedo. De Zerbi declared on July 21, 2023, that he would "start the next season with Caicedo in... [his] head in the first 11."

Final Words

On 10 August 2023, it was announced that Liverpool had negotiated a £111 million price with Brighton for Caicedo, breaking the English transfer fee record. Jürgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, revealed that the two teams have struck an agreement.
However, it was announced on August 12, 2023, that Chelsea had agreed to a greater bid for Caicedo, proposing a fee of £115 million to Brighton, inclusive of add-ons.
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