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Díaz and Uribe were crowned champions in soccer in Portugal

With Luis Díaz starting, FC Porto was crowned champion of Portuguese football this Wednesday after beating Sporting CP.

Author:Gabriel Martinez
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Apr 14, 2021
The Promotion Tournament reached 36 official cases of Covid-19 after the announcement of the Magdalena Union with a high number of infected in its staff.
The club announced through a press release that after testing 39 team members, the contagion of ten people was reported: five playersand five administrators.
The FPCreached 69 positive cases between teams A and B.
Unión Magdalena registers 10 positives, Barranquilla FC presents seven cases; Bogotá and Orsomarso have six each, Leones and Cortuluá with two, while three clubs have one case: Atlético Huila, Valledupar and Atlético FC. Only Deportes Quindío had negative results.
The official report of Fortaleza CEIF remains to be known, although there are three positive ones, in addition to the results in Tigres, Boca Juniors, Real Cartagena, Llaneros and Real San Andrés.
"In the EPS they said it was the flu", FPCplayer with Covid-19
On the other hand, in the League the results of the tests in Jaguares and Cúcuta Deportivo are not yet known. The Covid-19 positive case count goes to 33 cases.
América de Cali has five, La Equidad four cases; Junior, Independiente Medellín, Santa Fe, Millonarios and Águilas registered 3 positives. Nacionaland Envigado two cases.
Deportivo Cali, Atlético Bucaramanga, Deportivo Pasto, Deportivo Pereiraand Alianza Petrolera, registered a positive, while four teams will start training without the presence of Covid-19: Deportes Tolima, Once Caldas, Patriotas and Boyacá Chicó.
Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez

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Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

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