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Santa Fe was the League's best goal scorer after 19 days

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Apr 20, 2021
When all rivals are considered, the year 2021 is pretty much finished. These are the leftover details for the day of the semifinals.
In all, the purslane's club finished in first place with 37 goals, with Jefferson Duque scoring the most.
The 19 clubs had an average of 2.19 goals per game. A total of 3,997 attempts were made by Cristian Arango in the hunt for the goal; he was among the leaders. But in the percentage of effectiveness and shots on target, Bucaramanga struck him 87 times.
The Colombian squad finished with the fewest number of units and zero triumphs, having conceded the most goals (63). Compared to other presidents, Nac and Santa Fe had made the most passes, both accounting with 8,475, for a transfer completion rate of 83%.
By paying close attention to every aspect of the day's activities, the match-by-by-match Boyaquenses determined that Carlos Alexander Mosquera was one of the foundation players. Out of 61, he had the best net-saving percentage of the whole lot. Joel Graterol has the most breakthroughs, with 53.
Following the line of America, Cruz Real's side was left with the game less beaten, 12 goals in the 19 days, in addition to making the undefeated goal nine times.
In the disciplinary aspect, it's Medellínand Equidad with 45 yellow cards to go, and 44 for the characters of Bogotá and Cesar for Equidad and Antioquia.
Any of the data that was developed in the BetPlay Leaguecompetition could affect the decisions of the finals.
David Mitchell

David Mitchell

David Mitchell is a versatile writer at Tennessee Independent, specializing in news, sports, and player profiles. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, David brings a unique perspective to his articles, covering a wide range of topics that resonate with readers. His expertise in these areas ensures that readers receive insightful and engaging content, making him a valuable asset to the Tennessee Independent team.
Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark is an experienced author at Tennessee Independent, renowned for delivering insightful articles with a professional approach. With a focus on factual accuracy and authoritative insights, Daniel covers a wide range of topics, providing valuable information and engaging narratives. His expertise in areas such as performance, player profiles, and current events ensures that readers receive trustworthy and informative content. Daniel's commitment to delivering well-researched articles makes him a reliable source for expert perspectives on Tennessee Independent.
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