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The ideal number eleven of the BetPlay League quarterfinals

Liga BBVA's top three leaders, Atlético Nacional, Independiente Santa Fe, and Millonarios are the favorites to win the title.

Author:Daniel Clark
Reviewer:Gabriel Martinez
Apr 21, 2021
Finals of the Creative+ League starts! There are eight quarterfinalists this Saturday who will get a first-round bye into the next week's playoffs. There are the four stadiums in the region where the tourney is expected to be decided: the two-first rounds of the Apertura: Atlético Nacionalversus Santa Fe, América de Cali versus Millonarios, the first round of the Liguilla: Cali versus Tolima, and the Copa Libertadores vs Santa Fe.
At AS Colombia, we brought together eight out the "attacker-minded" and eight "defender-minded" squads, with at least one for each position on each side. Two of the top three clubs, Atlético Nacional, Millonario and Independiente Santa Fe, have playersin this lineup.

In The Quarter-finals, An Ideal Team Of Eleven

Joel Graterol

América de Cali:Playing as the goalkeeper for Leandro Castanos, the Venezuelan has made it to 18 games and notched none, becoming unbeaten." Additionally, on the team, he has the most saves this season with 53

Juan Camilo Ángulo

Deportivo Cali:Captain of the Valle del Cau performed on both the attack and the defense for Deportivo Cali. the winger scored a goal while assisting on 11 others. This created 15 total opportunities for the team to score. Also, he had a 72.2% passing rate and 72.2% in keeping off the stress of the team.

Fainer Torijano

Santa Fe:The center-back is the defender who has completed the most passes with 998/49 blocks, has gotten the least interceptions, and has the most interception-block avoidance. He found the back of the net with two in a completely futile effort.

Yerson Mosquera

Atlético Nacional:Statistically, he was their best at 19 years old; he had five clearances, intercepted 21 passes, and made 81 percent of their take-offs (13). The center-back finished with a precision of 84.5% in distribution

Dairon Mosquera

Santa Fe:The contribution from the left flank is 34 kills, 31 clearances, 42 steals, and 31 intercepts

Stiven Vega

Millonarios:Although his speaking roles don't play a large part in his career, the steering wheel is a significant component in Alberto Gamero's character development. He has been the most prolific player on the blue squad, with 815 assists to his credit. Toward the beginning of the second half, he created eight scoring opportunities and had 42 interceptions.

Fredy Hinestroza

Junior:He played every game with the Barranquilla side, contributing 1244 minutes with two goals and four assists. He managed to obtain a rating of 13 in the middle of the field and he created 25 chances as well.

Cristian Arango

Millonarios:That is the BetPlay league's record for most shots by a man. Chicho has scored seven and assisted with another seven of his own goals. His best days are behind him.

Jaminton Campaz

Deportes Tolima:The attacking force in his mid-twenties is very amazing, and it could potentially be destabilizing for Ibagué FC with a count of 25 dribbles and 44 yellow cards. He already has added two goals and three assists to his tally.

Diego Herazo

La Equidad:The forward is the leader of his club, and also has four penalty goals in the BetPlay League. A play and 15 possessions gained to add to his tally in the attack column.

Jefferson Duque

Atlético Nacional:He's leading the league in goals scored and assists for the BetPlay League with eleven to his name. But also, he put the ball in the net 19 times in the enemy nets for us.
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