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Guimarães and Candelo talked in Libertadores after the Nacional draw

The coach and the complete back showed the tactical work of the staff during the last home game.

Author:Daniel Clark
Reviewer:Gabriel Martinez
May 13, 2021
Atlético Nacionaldid not achieve any advantage on the scoreboard over their Uruguayan name and in the 2021 Copa Libertadores the pursuers were dropped to the third position in Group F with the victory of the Universidad Católica in Argentina. At the end of the match, at a press conference, Alexandre Guimarães and Yerson Candelostressed the tactical game of the squad but regretted the definition in the last third.
"The squad should not be disappointed by their positive results. We had to regain our defensive powers, and in the last third of the court we wanted to be more accurate; "Guimarães said.
Regarding the comparison with the Montevideo showy 4-4, the Brazilian pointed out that "there are two very different scenarios, we worked well in this game, we worked the rival and we looked for more depth with 10 of them and we created the options, but the last one wasn't healthy."
Yerson Candelo said that for his part "I think we tactically played a fair game, we provided options but we didn't work. We've added a point and there's always us. Both classes are heavily contested and we will do our part. In the party, we are psychologically good "There was a mistake.
"We still had to finish better to pick the last kick, this last shot and his goalkeeper (Sergio Rochet) took really good balls, so we're encouraged to look for the ranking in the 16th round."
Finally, Guimarães reflected on the job in the team following Bryan Rovira's absence. "This midfield gave us very good dividends (Rovira, Gómez, Baldomero), Baldomero and Gómez well split the midfield and the others came to fill the midfield. They found no alternative on the central lane and cost them centrally by bands "There was a mistake.
Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

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Gabriel Martinez

Gabriel Martinez

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