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Diego Arias: The individual they make determines their degree in the Cup

In addition to the exclusion in the League, the midfielder gave its opinion on the success of Nacional in the Cup.

Author:Gabriel Martinez
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
May 12, 2021
Diego Arias is one of the playersthat the Nacionalfans remembered in the 2016 Libertadores title. In that scheme remembered under Reinaldo Rueda's order, his success in the middle of the field made him fundamental.
National has good payroll, good efficiency for individuals. I am aware, though, that a team can not do its best by having individually qualified athletes. This new being arises after the experiences of these players, the moment of the club, the way people are trained and managed. There's a strong team, so it's built to recognize the game, feel the game. The identity of the team is established and this mechanism determines how competitive it will be in the Cup.

Is The Guimaraes Procedure In Libertadores A Step Forward?

There is not much leftover because the margins are very small in the Cup, it can advance, it can change a lot. It will give you the courage to boost your level so that you can consolidate with good performance.

What Do You Think Is The Biggest Weakness In Nacional From A Particular Location Or Scheme?

Person analyses or areas are far from the essence of the game: National as a team not only with its players but also in their own way. It must be a means of playing that guides all because, in the end, it is the biggest incentive to develop.

Was Nacional Contra Equidad's Exclusion Shocked By The Process Of Alexis?

No, I think these two-game meanings are often very much conditioned by a target which the rival sort makes and which they conjecture. Equity defends itself well and the game is set in the fashion that fits and trains according to the personalities of the players as it moves forward on the scoreboard.
In several moments, Nacional in Medellínwas nice to play but doesn't turn Castro into the bar, the choice is too obvious and the game was inclined to Nacional. The penalty, I don't really understand what the conditions are to whistle this game, it's difficult and Equidad plays it comfortably. Equidad was not overtaken by Nacional, he wanted to move forward to the opposite objective, but errors and firmness in other stages took their toll. This will help you build yourself and learn from these mistakes.
Nacional will host Nacional from Uruguay at Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium this Wednesday from 9:00 pm.
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