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Matildas VS. England Game Was "Australia's Most-watched TV Show"

The Matildas vs. England game was "Australia's most-watched TV show" since records began. The match between the Matildas and England at the Women's World Cup, in which Australia was knocked out of the tournament in the semi-finals, had the highest number of viewers of any broadcast show in Australian history.

Author:Daniel Clark
Reviewer:Gabriel Martinez
Aug 18, 2023
The Matildas vs. England gamewas "Australia's most-watched TV show" since records began. The match between the Matildas and England at the Women's World Cup, in which Australia was knocked out of the tournament in the semi-finals, had the highest number of viewers of any broadcast show in Australian history.
On Wednesday, the game had its greatest viewing count of 11.15 million people, which coincided with the host country becoming consumed with footballlove. A total of 7.13 million people, on average, tuned in to watch the match in Sydney, as reported by Channel Seven, the host station.
The Matildas have rewritten the history books.- Lewis Martin, Seven's head of network sport
Since the current rating system was introduced in 2001, the semi-final match, which the Lionesses won with a score of 3-1, attracted the most number of viewers ever recorded. 7plus said that there were around 975,000 viewers that watched the match, which is a record audience for a streamed event in Australia, according to the network.
It was noted that the ultimate number will probably end up being higher due to the fact that the viewership statistics, which was assessed by the research firm OzTAM, did not include individuals who watched from bars, live sites, or stadiums.
The statistics does not include anyone who watched the game on the subscription television service Optus Sport. Mr. Martin stated that Australia was "captivated" by the Matildas' performance, and that the team had "captured the hearts and minds of the nation."
Seven is beyond proud to have played a part in bringing Australia together around our screens, as the Matildas' performance captured the Australian spirit like nothing we have seen in decades- Lewis Martin
Television records in the country, which has a total population of 25 million people, were broken for the second time in a little less than a week, setting a new standard each time. A peak viewership of 7.2 million people saw Australia's victory against France in a dramatic penalty shootout on Sunday.
Matildas VS England match
Matildas VS England match
The match was broadcast on Channel Seven. The numbers were higher than those of other significant athletic events, such as the final of the Rugby World Cup in 2003. It is estimated that more over 8 million people watched the 400-meter final that Cathy Freeman competed in at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.
This event took place before the current ratings system was implemented. On Saturday, supporters from Australia will have one more opportunity to cheer on the Matildas as they compete in the World Cup when they travel to Brisbane to face Sweden in the third-place play-off. On Sunday, England will play Spain in the final, which will take place in Sydney.

The World Cup Final Is Set

After the conclusion of the Women's World Cup semifinals, the two teams who will compete for the championship were determined to be Spain and England. This will be a matchup between two European heavyweights, both of which have never before advanced to the tournament's biggest showcase event. Spain and England will fight for the crown.
With its high-possession, high-scoring approach, La Roja has been one of the tournament's most intriguing teams. The side's 4-0 setback to Japan in the last group stage game served as a wake-up call, but the Iberian country has been unstoppable since, defeating Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Sweden on route to the final. Spain stunned the Blgult in its semifinal against a team that had defeated the all-powerful US women's squad.

Final Words

With extra time approaching, Spain's reaction was harsh and quick. Olga Carmona struck the back of the net with a magnificent effort from the edge of the box only 94 seconds after Sweden had tied the game. Spain, which is competing in just its third World Cup, is now within a game of claiming the sport's top prize, having never before advanced beyond the round of 16.
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