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Melbourne Victory Is Slapped With Record Sanctions For A Disgusting Pitch Invasion

Melbourne Victory is slapped with record sanctions for a disgusting pitch invasion. In the wake of the pitch invasion scandal that resulted in Melbourne Victory being handed a record sanction this week, the A-League club has announced that it will take the extreme measure of disbanding an active supporter group of the football club.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Jan 11, 2023
Melbourne Victory is slapped with record sanctionsfor a disgusting pitch invasion. In the wake of the pitch invasion scandal that resulted in Melbourne Victory being handed a record sanction this week, the A-League club has announced that it will take the extrememeasure of disbanding an active supporter group of the footballclub.
As a result of the violent pitch invasion that occurred in the club's A-League Men(ALM) derby with Melbourne City a month ago, which cast a shadow over the sport, FootballAustralia (FA) levied fines against the club in the amount of $550,000 on Tuesday.

The Sanctions

After the FA handed down its sanctions on Tuesday, the club avoided an immediate points deduction; however, the Victory will play the next three and a half seasons with a 10-point sanction and the threat of a transfer ban hanging over their heads if fans behave inappropriately again.

Melbourne Victory hit with $550,000 penalty over pitch invasion | 9 News Australia

As a direct result of the sanctions that were handed down on Tuesday, the Victory have declared that they will be disbanding the active supporter group known as Original Style Melbourne. FA had already banned the supporter group for the remainder of the season, but the Melbourne club said it had gone one step further by signaling an end to the fan group. FA had previously banned the supporter group for the remainder of the season.
According to a statement, Melbourne Victory has made a separate commitment to the dissolution of any A-League Men's active supporter groups that were recognized at the time of the incident.
Melbourne Victory has separately committed to the disbandment of any A-League Men’s active supporter groups that were recognized at the time of the incident. We will work with FA, A-Leagues, AAMI Park, Victoria Police and other stakeholders as well as the new taskforce announced by FA to ensure an incident of this nature never occurs again. The club has strongly advocated to FA and the league over the few weeks to ensure both the final and interim sanctions imposed by FA acknowledge that what occurred at the derby was not reflective of the majority of our North End members or the broader Melbourne Victory fanbase.- Melbourne Victory
On Tuesday, the chief executive officer of the FA, James Johnson, stated that deducting competition points from Victory as a response to the ugly pitch invasion was considered. However, the league was mindful about how this would affect the integrity of the A-League Men competition. Victory is currently in second place in the competition.
Johnson said:
We felt that if we were to implement a points deduction now, it wasn't the most effective way of deterring the fans. If a spectator runs onto the pitch and there's an assault, there will be an automatic 10-point deduction and if that were to occur, that will destroy Melbourne Victory's (season).- James Johnson
The club's ALM team is the only one affected by the suspended point deduction, and it will remain in effect until the end of the 2025-2026 season. Any future incidents involving similar levels of physical aggression are likely to result in the deduction being reinstated. The head of the FA stated that his organization had demonstrated that they were willing to crack down on violence in crowds.
The FA's boss stated that any further misbehavior would result in harsher penalties from the game's governing body, which regulates the ALM on behalf of the Australian Professional Leagues (APL).
Johnson said:
In future you're going to see as a regulator, be able to use other mechanisms, such as club licensing rules or transfer system sanctions as well.- James Johnson
Johnson stated that City goalkeeper Tom Glover would not face repercussions for launching a flare into Victory's active supporter bay. The incident was viewed as the catalyst for the pitch invasion, which resulted in the attacks on Glover and referee Alex King.
Johnson added:
He gets off on this occasion. We do need some protocols to educate playersabout (flares) and that's something our taskforce will look at.- James Johnson
Rather than awarding City a walkover as a result of the violence, the game will resume from the 22nd minute, when Victory fans stormed the field and assaulted opposing goalkeeper Glover. City will keep their 1-0 lead from the cancelled game.
Johnson said:
Whoever wins the competition needs to be remembered for winning it on the pitch. Whether you're deducting points from Melbourne Victory or you're giving points to City, it's something we wanted to avoid. We wanted the integrity of the season to remain intact.- James Johnson

Final Words

The $550,000 fine is the highest in the sport's history in Australia. It consists of a $350,000 immediate fine, a $100,000 suspended fine suspended for three and a half years, and $100,000 to make up for lost revenue. For the rest of the season, away supporter bays will be closed to Victory fans.
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