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Simone Biles Returns To Competition And Seems As If She Had Never Left

Simone Biles returns to competition and seems as if she had never left. Even after a two-year sabbatical from the sport and the issues that spooked her in Tokyo, Simone Biles demonstrated repeatedly on Saturday night at the U.S. Classic that she is still the finest gymnast in the world.

Author:Daniel Clark
Reviewer:Gabriel Martinez
Aug 07, 2023
Simone Biles returns to competitionand seems as if she had never left. Even after a two-year sabbatical from the sportand the issues that spooked her in Tokyo, Simone Biles demonstrated repeatedly on Saturday night at the U.S. Classic that she is still the finest gymnast in the world.
She did this by delivering a series of dominant performances. After some time had passed, she found herself waiting at the end of the runway for her last test.
She dashed toward the apparatus in the crowded stadium, where the spectators erupted into cheers at the mere mention of her name, and she executed the challenging talent, which the majority of her contemporaries were incapable of even considering attempting.
The Yurchenko double pike was the final vault of the evening for Biles, and it is a vault that no other woman has ever completed. Biles has only performed this vault in a competition once before.
The audience erupted in applause as she landed with only a single stride to the side. Jordan Chiles, one of Biles' teammates, raised her arms to the audience and pleaded for them to make more noise as Biles grinned with delight. Biles had an outstanding performanceoverall, but her vault was the highlight of it.
She finished with a total score of 59.100. Her scores on vault, beam, and floor were the highest of the competition, and her all-around score was more than two points higher than the minimum that was required to win gold at the world championships the previous year.
As a result, Biles is back in the customary spot at the very top of the all-around gold podium, with a significant margin of victory over the athlete who finished in second place.

Simone Biles returns to competition for 1st time since Tokyo Olympics

She gave a performance worthy of a gymnast who already holds 32 world and Olympic medals and is poised to win more in the next season. Biles appeared calm and unaffected by the nerves that she insisted were present, despite the fact that she looked peaceful.
I thought I was going to s - bricks... I was very nervous, so at least if it looked like I was having fun, that’s good. But I think after every routine, it got a little bit easier.- Simone Biles
Biles hadn't competed since the Olympics in Tokyo, when she had to pull out of many finals due to a confusing mental block called in gymnastics as "the twisties."
It wasn't until five weeks ago, when her name surfaced on the roster for this tournament, that she made it obvious that she intended to compete once more in the future. Biles just committed to coming back early this year, and yet she turned up this outstanding performance just a few short months later.
I feel really good about where I am right now mentally and physically,” Biles said. “I still think there are some things to work on throughout the night and in my routines. But for the first meet back, I would say it went pretty well. I’m very shocked, surprised. I’m happy. I feel a lot better now that that’s out of the way.- Simone Biles
Although several of the finest American gymnasts did not compete on every apparatus, Biles' ability to complete four good routines demonstrated that she is back on track.
She also has various areas where she can improve: Biles began the competition on bars, her weakest event, and late in the routine, she had to arch a handstand dramatically to save a pirouetting element from falling. (Even with that mistake, her bars score of 14.0 was third best in the tournament.)
Her coach then stood on the mat for safety during her difficult vault, which is not permitted and results in a five-tenths disqualification. Despite this, Biles earned five points clear of second-place finisher Leanne Wong (54.100), while fellow Olympians Sunisa Lee, Jade Carey, and Chiles chose not to compete on all equipment.
Joscelyn Roberson, Biles' younger partner with power and potential, finished third with a 54.050. Lee, the defending Olympic all-around champion, has been hampered this year by a kidney-related health condition.
She, like Biles, had not competed at the highest level in almost two years. Lee burst into tears after commencing the competition with a spectacular beam routine that earned her a 14.5, a record only surpassed by Biles (14.8).
Biles refused to ease back into competition by performing easy routines. Each of her routines had a difficulty value of 25.7 applied to it. In comparison, Rebeca Andrade of Brazil won the all-around title at the World Championships last year with a combined difficulty score of 23.9.
That means Biles would have an almost two-point lead over one of her top challengers. Biles didn't complete all of her most difficult parts, such as the double-twisting double tuck beam dismount or the triple-twisting double tuck on floor, both of which are named after her, but routine composition is frequently deliberate.

Final Words

Gymnasts and coaches must measure the benefits of completing a more difficult technique against the danger of increasing deductions for execution faults. What Biles opted to participate in on Saturday was more than enough for the all-around crown and, more than likely, more gold medals to follow.
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