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Sports Official Gets Penalized For Nepotism After Painfully Slow Athlete Finishes Last In 100-meter Race

A sports official gets penalized for nepotism after painfully slow athlete finishes last in 100-meter race. On Wednesday, a Somali sports official was banned for nepotism after a video went viral showing a runner who appeared to be inexperienced skipping across the finish line at an international race.

Author:Daniel Clark
Reviewer:David Mitchell
Aug 04, 2023
A sports official gets penalized for nepotismafter a painfully slow athlete finishes last in a 100-meter race. On Wednesday, a Somali sports official was banned for nepotism after a video went viral showing a runner who appeared to be inexperienced skipping across the finish line at an international race.
The video showed the athlete finishing in last place. The video, which was widely shared on Wednesday, shows Nasro Abukar Ali racing in the third heat of the first round of the women's 100-meter event at the Summer World University Games in China, which were hosted by the International University Sports Federation (FISU).
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Ali has a hesitant start out of the blocks as the other runners explode ahead, and she immediately falls well behind the pack. She then jogs toward the finish line and finishes with a slight skip at the conclusion of the race.
She completed the race with a time of 21.81 seconds, which was more than 8 seconds slower than the runner who finished second-to-last and more than 10 seconds behind the runner who won the heat. The video was instantly shared widely throughout social media, where it was met with derision, incredulity, and, for some people, rage.
One person wrote on Twitter, now known as X, in a post with more than 47 million likes.
It’s disheartening to witness such an incompetent government. How could they select an untrained girl to represent Somalia in running? It’s truly shocking and reflects poorly on our country internationally.- Anonymous
Khadijo Aden Dahir was the head of the Somali Athletics Federation, but on Wednesday, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Somalia said that it has suspended her from her position.
In a letter that was delivered to the Somali National Olympic Committee and tweeted by the ministry, it was said that Dahir had participated in "acts of abuse of power, nepotism, and defaming the name of the nation in the international arena."
Ali was not a "sports person," according to Mohamed Barre Mohamud, the Minister of Youth and Sports in Somalia. Nor was he a "runner." Forbes reports that Mohamud "apologized" for the event earlier in the day by posting a video on his Facebook page.
Forbes claimed that he made the statement in Somali, saying that "what happened today was not representative of the Somali people." Despite the fact that his letter made reference to nepotism, no clear connection was established between Dahir and Ali. The Association of Somalia Universities issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that the organization did not send any competitors to the event.
In the letter that was sent out on Wednesday, the Ministry of Youth and Sports stated that an inquiry had determined that there was no "registered Somali University Sports Association," but the statement did not elaborate on the group or its participation in the tournament.
In addition, the letter stated that the Ministry of Education plans to "pursue legal action against both the Chairman of the Athletics Federation of Somalia and individuals responsible for the falsification of the Somali University Sports Association." CNN has attempted to contact Mohamud for comment by going via the Sports Ministry of the East African nation in order to do so.

Final Words

CNN has also sought out the organizers of the FISU event, the Somali National Olympic Committee, the Somali Athletics Federation, and World Athletics. Chengdu, located in southern China, is currently playing host to the Summer World University Games.
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