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Ricard: the one who deserves the National Team from 'James gets hurt a lot'

The retired player spoke about James Rodríguez, the Colombian National Team and Cavani's teachings.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
May 24, 2021
Hamilton Ricard, one of the strikers who marked an epoch in the country's football, is the highest scorer in the Premier League with 58 goals scored in 133 games.
In addition to what was discussed with Edinson Cavani on the Danube in Uruguay, the Chocoano spoke with FUTBOLRED about the Copa América, the call for the Colombia National Team, Reinaldo Rueda, James and his injuries.
It's a smart decision, we don't go to the happiest moments. It's a hard time, strikes, jobs, defiance. With riots, as in Barranquilla, in the stadiums with tear gas. In addition, the pandemic occurs.
Making the Cup and getting a delegation to do that does not suit us as Colombians because we are wrong globally to do something worse.
What is your analysis of Reinaldo Rueda's convocation?
There's footballto evaluate it. At first I'm not going to say anything to Reinaldo, he will know why the playerscall, he's a person with plenty of knowledge, he knows Colombian football. I would especially have preferred a few players like Sebastián Villa de Boca to have on the right, maybe flyers with various sizes and wings focusing more on the job.
We have to give Professor Rueda the confidence, we hope he has the knowledge to, he knows how he did and why he called. To help us go to Qatar to win the Cup of America.
What do you remember about Reinaldo Rueda when they met at Deportivo Cali? I met the teacher there, so I returned to England after three months. He's an outstanding coach, a wonderful guy, he loves to chat to the player, he knows how to get there. You know what you want and you intend very well your job. He showed himself to be a decent mentor.
Is James indiscutible in the Colombian National Team despite his injury and the season he had?
James is a brilliant player, a scorer of the World Cup and he was among the best teams. However, it is as though you were upset to express an opinion. He's hurt a lot in my mind, he doesn't play regularly, he's one game and four are out, still in pain. Although he makes a difference as he puts on the shirt of Colombia, but we've got to lose with him, eat a win over Ecuador with him.
Reinaldo is going to wonder why you called him, I owe him the right to the classroom, he's just starting, we have to help him. It was a regular season for James, he remained more wounded than playing. However, he is an outstanding player and we probably can get him back with Prof Rueda.
What other player has the level to name beyond those called up to the Colombian National Team in the BetPlay League?
Campaz is one of the League's great players, Borja and Perlaza are called up. The microcycle conducted is really helpful, it's like there are many skeptics, they think everything that's happening in Colombia is evil.
These microcycles help to enhance, dedicate and believe the League players are part of the National Team, have and will have the potential in future to be there, boost their standard, realize that they are seeing them, and can be conquered by physical, soccer, and mental means.
That encourages Rueda to realize that he would have the insiders if he cannot rely on the outside. Many that deserve it for their time are the ones.
How high are you thinking the Cup is going to go? Considering what is and the opponents.
When the National Team breaks down, Cuadrado is one of the strongest, a very good amount. He's the best of Juventus for me. Muriel and Zapata reach a really good standard. Wilmar too. Wilmar too. Maybe Mina had ups and downs. Davinson's returned to Tottenham a little.
Mateus Uribe has grown much, usually we have individual high-class players who have devoted themselves, participated in European cups, that offer a plus and a vision, that teaches how to play. We have a choice for fighting the title, playing face to face. They love us now and we have to benefit from that.
What is your recollection of Edinson Cavani? Since he shared with him in Uruguay he's a wonderful guy, very humble, he didn't lose him. I keep talking to him, he doesn't do it easily if I ask him for a video delivering greetings. In Uruguay, the mowing of the lawn can be seen as a family. It's just improved because it's massive and it plays in Manchester. He is a boy who enjoys learning.
He had a lot of momentum when I met him, quickly, when he described it, at the same tempo. One day he told me to teach him to describe, he said he didn't specify it and he didn't do it. In order to be great and prosper in Europe, he asked me what he had to do to assist him. From there, you could see how high it would be. A fine athlete and a guy even more.
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David Mitchell

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