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What Is A Pick 3 In Horse Racing? How It Can Boost Your Winnings

What is a Pick 3 in Horse Racing? In the world of horse racing betting, the Pick 3 wager is a popular option for both novice and experienced bettors. This type of bet allows you to select the winners of three consecutive races, typically held on the same race card.

Author:Henrik SchmidtAug 11, 2023
What is a Pick 3 in Horse Racing? In the world of horse racing betting, the Pick 3 wager is a popular option for both novice and experienced bettors.
This type of bet allows you to select the winners of three consecutive races, typically held on the same race card.
The objective is to correctly pick the winning horse in each of the three designated races, providing an exciting opportunity to potentially earn substantial payouts.
Understanding how the Pick 3 bet works and how to approach it strategically can greatly enhance your horse racing betting experience.

What Is Pick 3 In Horse Racing?

A Pick 3 is a wager in which the winner of three consecutive races must be chosen before the start of the first event.
All three horses must finish in the top three to win the wager. It's a lot like trying to identify the winner, runner-up, and third-place finisher in a horse race and coming up short. To win a Pick 3, you must correctly predict the outcome of three successive races.
Pick 3 wagers may often begin at any point in a race card, since most tracks provide "rolling" Pick 3s. It may seem impossible to choose three consecutive wins, but with good handicapping and a little luck, the payoff may be substantial.
You may wager as little as one dollar on each of the three races if you play only one horse in each. It's advisable to diversify your bets since it's not easy to win three in a row with your first choice.
You can make a ticket if you choose the top three finishers in each race. Asking yourself which of your top three options you believe has the highest odds of winning is a better technique to design the ticket.
Let's pretend it finishes first in the first leg; if so, maybe you can isolate that horse and do better in the subsequent races.
If you identify a series of three races in which the morning line favorite seems to be susceptible in at least two of those races, you may find solid value in a Pick 3 wager. There's a lot of money to be made if you can defeat a few short-priced favorites.
If you hit a Pick 3 with all three of your favorites, you'll more than certainly break even. You should seek out contests where the most plausible candidates seem to be at risk.

How to Bet and Win Playing Daily Double and Pick 3 Wagers

How To Place A Pick 3 Horse Bet Online

Online, a Pick 3 horse betmay be placed with relative ease. It's simple to make a Pick 3 bet if you've located a track that accepts them (more on that later). In order to place a Pick 3 wager, you must first access the wagering option and make that selection.
Your racebook will make some minor adjustments so you may choose horses in each race once you've selected the Pick 3 option.
Here, users may choose horses for three different races using a straightforward tab system. Simply choose a horse for Race 1, then the "R2" tab to select a horse for Race 2, and finally the "R3" tab to select a horse for Race 3, and you will have completed your wager.
When you're ready to commit your wager, click the "submit" or "place bet" button after you've made your choices and entered your wagering amount.

How Does A Pick 3 Bet Work?

A Pick 3 bet is a popular wager in horse racing that involves selecting the winners of three consecutive races. It offers an exciting and challenging way for bettors to test their handicapping skillsand potentially earn a significant payout. Let's dive into the details of how a Pick 3 bet works.

Selecting The Horses

Before placing a Pick 3 bet, you need to choose one horse to win in each of the three designated races. These races can be consecutive races on the same day or from different race meetings.
Handicapping plays a crucial role in analyzing the horses' past performances, form, jockey/trainer statistics, track conditions, and other factors to make informed selections.

Minimum Bet

Each racetrack sets a minimum bet amount for a Pick 3 wager, which is typically $2. Some tracks may offer lower minimums, but $2 is the most common.
Keep in mind that the cost of your bet will increase if you choose multiple horses in any of the races, as this creates additional combinations.

Placing The Bet

Once you've made your horse selections, you can proceed to place your Pick 3 bet. This can be done at the betting window or through self-service terminals available at the racetrack.
If you're betting online, you can use a licensed betting platform or mobile app. Clearly state the race numbers, the amount you wish to wager, and the numbers corresponding to the horses you've chosen for each race.

Winning The Bet

To win a Pick 3 bet, all three of your selected horses must win their respective races. If your chosen horses finish first in each race, you've successfully hit the Pick 3.
However, if any of your selected horses fail to win, your bet is considered a loss. It's an all-or-nothing type of wager.


The payouts for Pick 3 bets can vary significantly based on several factors. The size of the payout pool is influenced by the total amount of money wagered on the bet and the number of winning tickets.
The odds of the winning horses also play a role. If multiple bettors have winning tickets, the pool of money is divided among them.
It's worth noting that some racetracks offer "rolling" Pick 3 bets, where multiple sets of three races are designated throughout the day, allowing bettors to place Pick 3 wagers on different race sequences.
Overall, a Pick 3 bet requires careful handicapping, strategy, and a bit of luck. It's a thrilling wager that adds an extra level of excitement and engagement to the horse racing experience.

Factors That Make The Pick 3 An Excellent Bet

Betting on the Pick 3 has the added benefit that the payouts, although they may be substantial, are often not significant enough to be subject to the immediate federal and state withholding taxes.
Furthermore, syndicate bettors prefer to spend their money tying up every potential combination in the Pick 6 in the hopes of a six-figure payoff, as opposed to the Pick 3, where the pools might be huge but normally do not attract the syndicate bettors.
Less money is bet on combinations that may only be detected by keen handicappers, resulting in bigger payoffs for those handicappers, since major syndicate money isn't in the Pick 3 pools.
The odds of winning a win-bet parlay on all three Pick 3 races are lower than those of winning a straight Pick 3 ticket, according to research. Combine this with the fact that Pick 3 wagering is often available on the card's best races, and you have the ideal betting environment for value-oriented handicappers.
Choosing the winners of three consecutive races has a far greater chance of happening than choosing your preferred exotic wagers in the same sets of races and is certainly superior than picking all of the winners in the Pick 4 or Pick 6.

Calculating Pick 3 Payouts

Calculating Pick 3 payouts in horse racing involves determining the payout for correctly selecting the winners of three consecutive races.
The calculation can vary depending on factors such as the total amount wagered on the bet, the number of winning tickets, and the odds of the winning horses. Let's delve into the process of calculating Pick 3 payouts:
  • Determine the Total Pool- The first step is to determine the total amount of money wagered on the Pick 3 bet. This includes the combined bets of all participants who played the Pick 3 for the specific race sequence.
  • Subtract Track Takeout- The racetrack retains a percentage of the total pool as its commission or takeout. This amount is deducted from the total pool before calculating the payouts. The takeout percentage can vary from track to track but typically ranges between 15% to 25%.
  • Divide the Remaining Pool- After subtracting the track takeout, the remaining pool is divided among the winning tickets. Each winning ticket receives a portion of the pool based on the number of winning combinations.
  • Number of Winning Combinations- To determine the number of winning combinations, multiply the number of winning horses selected in each race. For example, if you selected one horse in the first race, two horses in the second race, and three horses in the third race, the total number of winning combinations would be 1 x 2 x 3 = 6.
  • Calculate Payout per Winning Combination- Divide the remaining pool by the number of winning combinations to determine the payout per winning combination. This is the amount that each winning ticket is entitled to receive.
  • Account for Bet Size- The payout per winning combination is based on a $1 bet. If the wager amount is different (e.g., $2 or $5), multiply the payout per winning combination by the bet size to calculate the actual payout.

People Also Ask

What Are The Benefits Of Playing The Pick 3 In Horse Racing?

The Pick 3 bet offers the potential for substantial payouts with a relatively low cost of entry. It allows bettors to showcase their handicapping skills by selecting the winners of three consecutive races.

Can I Include Multiple Horses In Each Leg Of A Pick 3 Bet?

Yes, you can choose to include multiple horses in each leg of a Pick 3 bet. This increases your chances of winning but also raises the cost of the bet.

How Are Pick 3 Payouts Calculated In Horse Racing?

The Pick 3 payouts in horse racing are determined by the size of the betting pool and the number of winning tickets. The payout is divided among all the winning bettors.

Are There Any Strategies To Increase My Chances Of Winning A Pick 3 Bet?

Some strategies for winning a Pick 3 bet in horse racing include studying past performances, analyzing race conditions, considering jockey and trainer statistics, and developing a systematic approach to selecting horses.

Final Thoughts

What is a Pick 3 in Horse Racing? The Pick 3 bet is a thrilling and potentially lucrative betting option in the world of horse racing.
By selecting the winners of three consecutive races, bettors have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skill while enjoying the excitement of the races.
Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to horse racing, understanding the intricacies of the Pick 3 bet can greatly enhance your betting experience.
Remember to consider factors such as past performances, race conditions, and expert insights when making your selections.
With careful analysis and strategic betting, the Pick 3 wager can provide both entertainmentand the chance to earn significant winnings. So, dive into the world of horse racing and explore the excitement of the Pick 3 bet. Good luck!
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