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Who Is Camidas Swain Newton? Know About Their Parents

He was the first player taken by the Carolina Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft. In the early years of his football career, he became more well-liked. He was named offensive rookie of the Year when he broke the quarterback record for passing and running yards. He is well-known in sports for his outstanding performance and football playing style. In this article, we’ll look at who is Camidas Swain Newton, his parents, and his lifestyle.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Nov 29, 2023
Comidas is a famous celebrity's child. Cam Newton is the father of Camidas Swain Newton. Cam Newton's real name is Cameron Jerrell Newton, although he goes by Cam Newton on stage. He is a quarterback in the National FootballLeague, one of the top leagues.
He was the first player taken by the Carolina Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft. In the early years of his footballcareer, he became more well-liked. He was named offensive rookie of the Year when he broke the quarterback record for passing and running yards.
He is well-known in sports for his outstanding performanceand footballplaying style. In this article, we’ll look at who is Camidas Swain Newton, his parents, and his lifestyle.

Quick Facts About Camidas Swain Newton

Full NameCamidas Swain Newton
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia
EthnicityAfrican American
Date of BirthJuly 6, 2018
FatherCameron Jerrell Newton
Age5 years old
MotherKia Proctor
Cam Newton, ex-girlfriend, Kia Proctor, and their children In Black Dresses
Cam Newton, ex-girlfriend, Kia Proctor, and their children In Black Dresses

Who Is Camidas Swain Newton

On July 6, 2018, in the United States of America, Camidas Swain Newton was born to his parents. Camidas Swain Newton has been given the nationality of the United States of America and is now 5 years old. In addition, he was born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, which indicates that he is of Afro-American heritage.
Camidas has six siblings. Camidas Swain Newton is the youngest of his father's seven children in total. Sebastian, Sovereign-Dor, Cashmere, Shakira, Caesar, and Jaden were selected as the winners.
Sebastian Newton, Cam Newton's oldest and most well-known child is first child. Cam and Kia Proctor's first child, whom they named Chosen, was born on December 24, 2015.
Cam and Kia Proctor had their second child, a daughter named Sovereign-Dior Newton, in the year 2017. Just nine months and a few weeks after the birth of Camidas, Cam, and Kia announced in May 2019 that they were expecting their another child, a daughter named Cashmere Newton.
Cashmere Saint Newton was born on September 30, 2019, but fans didn't get their first look at him until December of that year when Kia posted a photo of the two of them wearing identical red plaid pajamas on Instagram. Kia and Cashmere were both wearing matching pajamas at the time.
In a similar fashion, Shakira Proctor is Kia Proctor's daughter from a prior relationship. However, Cam loves Shakira the same amount as he loves all of his other children combined.
In January 2020, it was said that Cam and Kia had broken up their relationship. The fact that Cam had an affair with another lady ultimately led to the demise of their relationship. It was discovered that Cam was the father of a kid he had been keeping a secret with an Instagram model named La Reina Shaw.
Jaden Amarrio is the son of Cam, who is highly protective of his son. La Reina is Jaden's mother.

Parents Of Camidas Swain Newton

Kia Proctor is Camidas Swain Newton's mother's maiden name. Kia is a model who once worked as a stripper. She eventually achieved her goal of becoming a model in the United States. She has established herself as a prominent figure through her work.
Camidas's father, Cameron Jerrel Newton, also known as Cam Newton, is a free agent representative for an American footballteam. Because he is the leader in the NFL in quarterback rushing touchdowns and is second in quarterback rushing yards, his nickname is "Super Cam."
2013 marked the beginning of Cam and Kia's romance. The first stages of Cam and Kia's relationship were conducted in private. They subsequently made their relationship known to the world when they were seen together at the Kentucky Derby.
This charming couple stayed together from 2013 all the way until 2020. Cam said that the reason he did not marry the model throughout the course of their extensive relationship was due to the fact that he was not ready to be a husband.
These two people's relationship went through a lot of ups and downs. In the year 2020, they ultimately parted ways. The reason for this was due to the fact that Cam did not stop having relationships with other women. Camidas Swain Newton is a member of a large and distinguished family.
His paternal grandfather's name was Cecil Newton, Sr., and his paternal grandmother's name was Jackie Newton. In a similar vein, his grandparents on his mother's side are named Anne Marie Proctor and Jerome Proctor.

What Is Net Worth Of Camidas Swain Newton

Camidas Swain, the celebrity kid, has no net worth. Because of this, he is financially dependent on his parents. Due to the fact that Swain Newton is only five years old, he is unable to collect money on his own.
On the other hand, his father, Cam Newton, raked in about $75 million in net worth throughout his career. The majority of Cam's wealth may be attributed to the success he has had in his footballcareer.
Cam Newton Wearing Blue White Suit And Blue Hat
Cam Newton Wearing Blue White Suit And Blue Hat

Is Camidas Swain Newton On Social Media?

Five-year-old Camidas Swain Newton does not have a personal social media account. Nonetheless, he is being watched by users of his mother's social media sites. The mother of Camidas Swain Newton uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Camidas Swain Newton's Mother's Biography

Kia is a model, entrepreneur, and influential figure on several social media platforms. Her birth name is Shakia Ladawn Proctor. In 2013, when she began her relationship with a well-known athlete, she was thrust into the public eye for the first time.
Kia Proctor's birthday is October 16th, 1988, which places her under the Libra zodiac sign. She was born and raised in the state of Virginia, in the United States of America. Her mother, Anne Marie, and her father, Jerome, both natives of Virginia, gave birth to her there.
She spent a portion of her childhood in Virginia before moving to Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America, with her family at a young age. Her home state at the moment is Maryland, which is located in the United States of America. The model is of mixed descent and has some African-American roots in her family tree.
It is thought that her parents come from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds. She is Christian. Kia is a model, an influencer on social media, and a successful entrepreneur. She got her start in the entertainmentindustry as an exotic dancer.
Her stage name was Hazel, and she was employed at a nightclub in Washington, District of Columbia, known as Stadium Club. After some time, she decided to pursue modeling as her full-time occupation and resigned from her job.
In addition to working for a number of modeling agencies, she also organized parties in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to being a model, she also runs a YouTube channel under the name Shades Of Kia.
In addition to being an entrepreneur, she is affiliated with Total Life Changes, a multinational corporation that specializes in the production of nutritious goods. In addition to it, she has a store on

The Early Life Of Camidas Swain Newton's Father

On May 11, 1989, Camidas Swain Newton's father, Cameron Jerrell Newton, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. With his mother Jackie, father Cecil Sr., elder brother Cecil Jr., and brothers Caylin and Caylin, he grew up. The Newton family has a history in football, with Cecil Sr. playing for the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills, Cecil Jr. for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Caylin for Howard University.
Cam used to play baseball and basketball in his childhood but stopped doing so when he was a teenager. He excelled in footballat Westlake High School and had scholarship offers from Ole Miss, Florida, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and Mississippi State. Newton made the decision to enroll at the University of Florida, but he then switched to Auburn.

The Career Of Camidas Swain Newton's Father

Cam was a Florida Gators player in 2007 and 2008, but in November 2008, he was caught stealing a laptop from a fellow student. As a result, he was banned from the team. In January 2009, Newton changed schools to Blinn College in Texas, and that year's squad advanced to the NJCAA National FootballChampionship.
He joined the Auburn Tigers in 2010 and was rated the top high school or junior college quarterback. Cam won the SEC Offensive Player of the Week award after his debut game with the Tigers. Newton participated in the BCS National Championship Game the month after Auburn won the SEC Championship in December 2010.
That title was also won by Auburn, and three days later Cam declared for the NFL Draft rather than finishing his senior year at Auburn. Newton signed up with the Carolina Panthers in 2011, but during his downtime, he returned to Auburn and graduated with a sociology degree in 2015.
On September 11, 2011, Cam participated in his debut game with the Panthers, and in January 2012, he was selected to play in the Pro Bowl. Later that year, Newton was selected to the honorary PFWA All-Rookie Team, and his contemporaries placed him at #40 on the "NFL Top 100 Playersof 2012" list. The following month, he was named Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year and AP Offensive Rookie of the Year.
On the 2014 list, he rose to position #24 and participated in the Pro Bowl once more. He had ankle ligament surgery in March 2014, with a four-month recuperation period. In the team's second preseason game, Cam was allowed to resume playing, and in the next contest, a hard contact resulted in a hairline rib fracture. After being involved in a vehicle accident in Charlotte in December of that year, Newton broke his back twice, although he only missed one game.
The Panthers advanced to the Super Bowl in 2015 after winning the NFC Championship. The day before Super Bowl 50, Cam was crowned NFL MVP. Despite the Denver Broncos 24-10 victory against the Panthers, Newton was ranked first among the "NFL Top 100 Players of 2016" list.
Throughout the next few seasons, Cam had several ailments, including a concussion, a partly torn rotator cuff, and another shoulder injury. He had surgery on his right shoulder in January 2019, and later that year, he experienced a Lisfranc fracture in his left foot.
Cam was put on reserve by the club in November, and they gave him permission to trade in March 2020. Newton was released by the Panthers on March 24th after failing to locate a trade partner; three months later, he signed with the New England Patriots.
After starting quarterback Sam Darnold suffered an injury, he returned to the Panthers for a second stint. Throughout his time with the Panthers, Newton broke several records, including the most passing yards in a debut game and the most running touchdowns by a quarterback in NFL history.

Cam Newton Family With Daughter,Son and Girlfriend Kia Proctor 2023

Some Interesting Facts About Camidas Swain Newton

  • Camidas Swain Newton came into the world on July 6th, 2018.
  • At this point in time, Swain is 5 years old.
  • Cam Newton is Swain Newton's father, and Kia Proctor is Swain Newton's mother.
  • Swain's middle name is Newton.
  • Camidas Swain Newton cannot be reached on any of their social media platforms at this time.
  • Camidas Swain Newton has a brown complexion, a set of black eyes, and hair that is the same color as his eyes. He also has a pair of brown eyes.

People Also Ask

Where Was Camidas Swain Newton Born?

Camidas Swain Newton was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

How Old Is Camidas Swain Newton?

Camidas Swain Newton is 5 years old.

What Is Camidas Swain Newton's Nationality?

Camidas Swain Newton holds American nationality.

What Is Camidas Swain Newton's Ethnicity?

Camidas Swain Newton is of Afro-American ethnicity.

Who Is Camidas Swain Newton's Father?

Camidas Swain Newton's father is Cameron Jerrell Newton.

When Was Camidas Swain Newton Born?

Camidas Swain Newton was born on July 6, 2018.


Many people wonder who is Camidas Swain Newton and who are his parents, Cam Newton, a former NFL quarterback, and Kia Proctor are the parents of Camidas Swain Newton. He is presently five years old and was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Camidas is an American citizen of Afro-American descent. Despite being the son of a well-known player, Camidas has not yet achieved prominence on his own. Camidas is now leading a solitary life with his family.
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