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You Need To Know Everything About Kellie Harper Husband

In addition, she was selected to the All-Tournament squad for the Final Four in 1997. After a short stint with the Cleveland Rockers of the WNBA, Jolly decided to pursue a career in coaching the following year. The Kay Yow Coach of the Year award for 2019 went to Mrs. Harper, who was recognized for her exemplary character both on and off the field. In this article, we have discussed who is Kellie Harper husband and many more details.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Oct 25, 2023
Many fans want to know who is Kellie Harper husband. Kellie Harper and Jon Harper tied the knot and became husband and wife. The University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball team has Jon on staff as an assistant coach.
At the moment, Harper is serving in her fourth year as head coach of the women's basketball team for the Volunteers. Kellie Jolly, a graduate of the Lady Vols program, was the starting point guard for the team from 1996 to 1998, during which time they won three straight NCAA women's national championships.
In addition, she was selected to the All-Tournament squad for the Final Four in 1997. After a short stint with the Cleveland Rockers of the WNBA, Jolly decided to pursue a career in coaching the following year. The Kay Yow Coach of the Year award for 2019 went to Mrs. Harper, who was recognized for her exemplary character both on and off the field. In this article, we have discussed who is Kellie Harper husbandand many more details.

Quick Facts About Jon Harper

Full NameJon Harper
Date of BirthMay, 1976,
Birth PlaceStone Mountain, Ga
Age47 years old
Sun SignTaurus
Marital status Married
Wife Kellie Harper
Jon Harper Wearing Brown Coat
Jon Harper Wearing Brown Coat

Who Is Kellie Harper Husband?

On May 15, 1999, Kellie Harper and Jon Harper tied the knot and became a married couple. Jon tied the knot not long before he received his diploma from the University of Tennessee in March of the same year. The couple has been together for the last 24 years, during which time they have both achieved great success in their occupations. Every year, on their anniversary, Jon sends out a tweet wishing his sweetheart a happy anniversary.
During their lengthy marriage, the pair lived in some different cities, including Cleveland, Auburn, Chattanooga, Cullowhee, Raleigh, Springfield, and Knoxville. They moved into a total of thirteen different properties throughout all of these locations, which included apartments, condominiums, motels, and mansions.
Kellie and Jon decided to have a low-key celebration of their anniversary in 2020 by hosting it at their house and tie-dying t-shirts for all of their family and friends. During this time, the couple celebrated the 2021 anniversary of their wedding by going out to supper together.
However, the primary purpose of the celebration was to commemorate Tamika Catchings' induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Catchings was a former teammate of Kellie's. Jon often accompanies his expressions of love with caustic and humorous tweets, which have attracted a lot of attention from fans of NCAA teams.

Jon Harper Early Life

Jon Harper, the husband of Kellie Harper, was born in May 1976. Jon Harper’s age is at right now is 47 years old. As a result, the zodiac sign Taurus describes him. Jon has not disclosed any information on the identity of his parents about the earlier stages of his upbringing. He is known to keep a low profile and is extremely discreet.
The dashing young man Jon Harper has been successful in avoiding the spotlight of the public's attention on social media. He has not made any statements to the media about his siblings. In addition, Kellie Harper's husband, Jon, received his degree from a reputable university in 1999.
At Auburn, he completed his undergraduate studies and received a bachelor's degree in either health promotion or sports management. In addition, Jon was a teacher of physical education. In terms of his physical characteristics, he has an athletic build and stands at a good height.
Jon has a dark complexion, a set of brown eyes, and a head full of black hair. In a way similar to that, he is of average size and weight. Jon Harper, Kellie Harper's husband, is originally from Georgia's Stone Mountain. His nationality is that of the United States. In addition to this, he is of straight sexual orientation. The ethnic heritage of Jon Harper is that of a white person.

Jon Harper Net Worth

Jon Harper has a net worth of 1 million dollars. During his work, he has amassed a considerable amount of wealth. Working as an assistant coach his whole career has allowed him to accumulate a substantial amount of wealth. Jon Harper's professional life stretched over twenty years at this point.
Jon Harper Sitting In Audience
Jon Harper Sitting In Audience

Jon Harper Profession Is Assistant Coach

After completing his education, Jon Harper immediately began working toward establishing a successful career for himself. He recently accepted a four-year contract with Tennessee to serve as an assistant coach there.
Both Kellie and Jon have prior experience working in the same capacity at Chattanooga. In addition, the bright guy and his wife both worked as assistants at Western Carolina University for five years.
Jon was a big part of the Lady Bears' run to the top of the national rankings for the first time in 15 years. In addition to that, he was the leader of the squad during the era in which they won two Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Championships.
After that, Jon began his career as a coach at Tennessee, where he has worked for the last three seasons. In the year 2022, the program was run, and it maintained its flawless record during all 40 appearances in the NCAA Tournament.

Is Jon Harper On Twitter?

Jon Harper, Kellie Harper's spouse, is solely active on his Twitter account when it comes to his social life. He has avoided drawing much attention to himself by keeping a low profile while in front of the media. On his many social media and networking platforms, Jon has a small number of followers.

Does Kellie Harper Have Kids?

Jackson Harper is the name of Kellie Harper's son, while Kiley Harper is the name of her daughter. Kellie Harper is the mother of two children. When the Vols coach is busy training her team, Jon will often take care of the youngsters by staying at home by himself. On social media, he often discusses the restaurants that he and his son and daughter visit together.

Early Life Of Jon Harper Wife

Within the United States, Kellie Harper is a well-known and respected basketball coach. She now serves as the head women's basketball coach for the Tennessee Lady Bolts basketball team. Before making the move to Tennessee, Kellie held positions at Western Carolina University, Missouri State University, and North Carolina State University. She has been employed in the field of coaching for close to twenty years now.
On May 3, 1977, Kellie Jean Jolly gave birth to Kellie Harper in Sparta, Tennessee. Kellie Harper is her birth name. She is one of the two children that Kenneth Jolly and his wife had together. He was the one who first got her interested in basketball, and Kellie went on to become a coach herself.
The bulk of her youth was split between working on the family farm and at the local gym. Her father passed away not long ago. Her only sibling is Brent Jolly, who is three years younger than she is. Kellie has a height of five feet and ten inches and a body weight of more than 65 kg.

Playing Career Of Jon Harper Wife

Kellie Jean Jolly, who later became known as Kellie Harper, had a fantastic basketball career. She was born in Sparta, Tennessee. She was a standout student and athlete at White County High School, where she received many plaudits for her participation on the high school team and finished third in her class academically.
Her adventure continued at the collegiate level when she became a starting point guard for the Tennessee Lady Volunteers and was a member of the team for four years. Harper was an essential figure in her team's run of success that saw them win three straight NCAA women's national championships between the years 1996 and 1998. This was an exceptional accomplishment.
In 1997, Harper was awarded a spot on the Final Four All-Tournament team as a token of appreciation for the great qualities she had and the positive contributions she made to the accomplishments of her team. She was a star player on the court thanks to her skill, drive, and leadership, which earned her the affection of the fans.
Throughout her playing career, Kellie Harper demonstrated her enthusiasm for basketball and her dedication to achieving the highest possible level of performance. As a result, she made an indelible mark on the sportand continues to serve as an example to aspiring athletes all around the world.
Jon Harper With Lady Vols
Jon Harper With Lady Vols

Coaching Career Of Jon Harper Wife

At the Ramsey Center on January 28, 2008, Kellie defeated College of Charleston in a women's basketball game by a score of 60–49, earning her 66th victory and moving past Beth Dunkenberger to become Western Carolina's second-winningest women's basketball coach in school history.
After compiling a record of 70-64 overall for the Wolfpack during his four years as head coach but just 23-39 inside the Atlantic Coast Conference, NC State athletic director Debbie Yow decided to remove Harper on March 26, 2013.
The Missouri State Lady Bears are a part of the Missouri Valley Conference, and on April 10, 2013, Harper was given the position of head coach for the team. Starting with the 2014–15 season, she guided the Lady Bears to five straight finishes in the top three in the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC), as well as five consecutive postseason appearances, including bids in the NCAA Tournament in both 2016 and 2019.
Harper had a career year in 2018–2019, which proved to be quite successful for him. After a 1-7 start to the season, the Lady Bears concluded the regular season with a record of 20-9, including 16-2 in the Mountain Valley Conference. As a result of all of Harper's hard work, she was selected as the Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year. She won the honor, making her the first coach at Missouri State University to do so since Cheryl Burnett in 1994.
Following their victory in the championship game of the Missouri Valley Conference tournament over the Drake Bulldogs, who were the top seed and rated #24 in the country, Harper's team got an 11-seed in the Chicago Region.
In games played in Ames, Iowa, Harper led the Lady Bears to a Sweet Sixteen victory with upset victories against 6-seed DePaul and 3-seed Iowa State Cyclones. Both of these opponents were seeds. In the Sweet 16 round, the Lady Bears were defeated by the second-seeded Stanford Cardinal. The Kay Yow Award for Outstanding Coaching was bestowed on Harper for the 2019 season.

Some Interesting Facts About Jon Harper

  • The Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball team's head coach, Kellie Harper, is married to Jon Harper.
  • On May 15, 1999, not long before he received his degree from the University of Tennessee in March of that same year, he married Kellie.
  • In addition to Cleveland, Jon, and Kellie have also resided in Auburn, Chattanooga, Cullowhee, Raleigh, Springfield, and Knoxville.
  • Jon often tweets witty and biting commentary that attracts the attention of NCAA fans.
  • He maintains a low profile and is discreet on social media.
  • Jon earned a bachelor's degree in health promotion or sports management from Auburn University.
  • Before switching to coaching, he sought a career as a physical education teacher.
  • Since 2019, Jon has served as a basketball assistant coach for the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers.
  • He and Kellie spent five years as assistants at Western Carolina University before moving to Tennessee.
  • When the Lady Bears earned their highest national rating in 15 years, Jon was a member of the coaching staff.
  • He was crucial in ensuring the Lady Volunteers' perfect record during their 40 NCAA Tournament trips in 2022.
  • Jon Harper has a net worth of around $145,000, which he acquired from his job as a coach.
  • If you are asking who is Kellie Harper husband, then you must know that Jon Harper is her husband.

People Also Ask

When Does Jon Harper Was Married To Kellie?

Jon Harper and Kellie were married on May 15, 1999.

Where Did Jon Harper Graduate From?

Jon Harper received his degree from Auburn University.

How Long Has Jon Been An Assistant Coach At Tennessee?

Since 2019, Jon Harper has served as a Tennessee assistant coach.

What Number Of Kids Do Jon And Kellie Have?

Kiley Harper and Jackson are their two children.


The answer to your question about who is Kellie Harper husband is here, the basketball enthusiast Jon Harper is best known as the husband of renowned basketball coach Kellie Harper. He maintains a low profile and is supportive of the game. He has supported her teaching job and accommodated their repeated moves throughout their 24-year marriage by being by her side.
Despite playing a big part in teaching, Jon likes to avoid the spotlight and has a low profile on social media. He has helped the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers achieve success and maintain their stellar record as an assistant coach for the squad. The way Jon devotes himself to his family and his career is an excellent example of how important he is to Kellie and the basketball world.
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