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Who Are Brittany Mahomes Parents, What Do They Do?

Scott Matthews and Diana Massey are Brittany Mahomes parents. Together with her two brothers, Landon and Devin, Brittany grew raised in Texas. Brittany is a business owner and certified personal fitness teacher. Britanny is listed as a co-owner of the professional women's soccer club Kansas City Current on her Instagram.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Sep 14, 2023
Scott Matthews and Diana Massey are Brittany Mahomes parents. Together with her two brothers, Landon and Devin, Brittany grew raised in Texas. Brittany is a business owner and certified personal fitness teacher. Britanny is listed as a co-owner of the professional women's soccerclub Kansas City Current on her Instagram.
Her mother wed Paul Massey after divorcing Martin Scott. 2018 saw the tragic death of Paul. Sterling Skye and Patrick Lavon, the couple's two children, were born after Britanny wed NFL star Patrick Mahomes.

Quick Facts About Brittany Mahomes

NameBrittany Mahomes
Net Worth10 Million Dollars
ProfessionFootball player
Date of Birth1 September 1995
Age27 years old
Height178 cm
Brittany Mahomes parentsScott Matthews and Diana Massey
BirthplaceWhitehouse, Texas, United States
Diana Massey On Wedding Day
Diana Massey On Wedding Day

Who Are Brittany Mahomes Parents?

Diana Massey is Brittany Mahomes' mother, and Scott Matthews is her father. Her father retired as a professional footballplayer, while her mother was a former soccerplayer. In addition to providing her with unwavering support throughout her career, Brittany's parents have appeared in a few of her social media postings.
Brittany had a solid connection with her mother. Brittany Mahomes parents divorced when she was a youngster. Frequently visiting her father, Brittany used to post pictures on social media. Along with her father, she had a close relationship with her stepfather Paul. She was her darling, in contrast to her mother Diana Massey. Even better, Brittany brings her mother together with her husband to the stadium footballgame. Her biological father's name is Scott Matthews. Pat Mahomes Sr. and Randi Martin are Patrick Mahomes' parents. After a long marriage, Pat and Randi separated in 2006.

Scott Matthews Personal Life

Martin Scott Matthews, Brittany Mahomes' biological father, works as an executive head and project manager at Huntzinger Management Group. Scott has spent more than three decades working in the healthcare industry. Additionally, he has been working with IT experts for the last 20 years to combine the two distinct professions under one roof to bring out the best in each.
Brittany is still extremely close to her father despite not having grown up with him. Matthews often visits her and spends time with her as they speak about anything fresh in their own lives. The former soccer star posted a photo of herself and him in September 2017 while flexing their biceps in front of the camera.
She has also posted a few pictures of herself and her stepdad Paul. Brittany had the good fortune to have two dads who loved her completely.

Net Worth Of Scott Matthews

His net worth is unknown, however, Brittany Mahomes, his daughter, is said to be worth roughly $5 million. She has accumulated her riches through working as a fitness trainer, social media influencer, content developer, and entrepreneur, among other things.
The "Fit Happens Gym" business, which Brittany co-owns with her sister-in-law, has made a significant contribution to her worth. Her husband, Patrick Mahomes II, also contributes to the couple's overall wealth with a $30 million net worth.

Professional Career Of Scott Matthews

Scott Matthews had a remarkable career in the healthcare and IT sectors spanning over three decades. As a seasoned project manager and executive head at Huntzinger Management Group, he has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry, leaving a lasting impact on the organizations he served.
Before his tenure at Huntzinger Management Group, Scott Matthews held various pivotal positions in the IT domain, gaining valuable experience as the Healthcare IT Leader and director of the IT department at Legacy Community Health Service. His expertise in both healthcare and technology allowed him to bridge the gap between the two sectors, bringing innovative solutions to the table.
With his leadership skillsand vast knowledge, Scott Matthews has been a mentor and guide to numerous individuals, helping them grow professionally and learn from his wealth of experience.
Scott's academic journey began at the University of Texas Tyler, where he graduated in 1996. His career kick-started at the Children’s Medical Centre in Dallas as a group manager, setting the stage for a brilliant trajectory in the healthcare industry.
Throughout his career, Scott Matthews has worked with esteemed organizations like Ohio Health, UCI Health, the University of Miami Health System, NYC Health, Froedtert Health, and more, demonstrating his adaptability and expertise in handling diverse healthcare environments.
Scott Matthews' extensive experience and dedication to improving healthcare through technology and management have made him a respected figure in the industry, leaving a positive and lasting legacy.
Brittany Mahome With Her Family
Brittany Mahome With Her Family

Diana Massey's Early Life

Diana Massey is Brittany Mahome's mother. Similar to Brittany Mahome's father, she worked in the same industry. At UT Health East Texas, Diana Massey was a medical practitioner. Her line of work was physical therapy. The year 1965 saw Diana Massey's birth in Whitehouse, Texas. She attended Kilgore College, Diana Massey. She then proceeded to enroll at the University of Texas in Tyler.
Brittany Matthews's mother, Diana Massey, was formerly wed to her father, Scott Matthews. Diana was divorced and then wed Paul Massey. Sadly, before a game in November 2018, Diana's husband Paul passed away after collapsing outside Arrowhead Stadium. Diana made a connection with another guy seem possible in 2020. On May 15, 2021, she finally wed him, and the two are now blissfully wed.

Net Worth Of Diana Massey

There is no information available about the net worth of Diana Massey, but her daughter’s net worth is estimated to be 5 million US dollars.

Professional Career Of Diana Massey Was Healthcare

Diana Massey's professional career has been dedicated to healthcare. After completing her education at Van High School, she pursued higher studies at Kilgore College and later at UT Tyler. Her journey into the healthcare field began as a physical therapist assistant at Reliant Rehab, where she gained valuable experience and honed her skills.
In September 2021, Diana embarked on a new chapter in her career, joining UT Health East Texas as a physical therapist assistant. This opportunity allowed her to contribute her expertise to a renowned healthcare institution, providing essential care and support to patients on their road to recovery.
Throughout her career, Diana has demonstrated a passion for improving the lives of others through her work in healthcare. Her dedication, combined with her educational background and hands-on experience, makes her an invaluable asset in the field of physical therapy.

Who Is Brittany Mahomes?

Brittany Mahomes is an American personal trainer, businesswoman, and spouse of NFL player Patrick Mahomes. She was a standout soccer player at Whitehouse High School, which she attended after being born there on September 1, 1995. At the University of Texas at Tyler, where she later played collegiate soccer, she established a single-season record with 18 goals.
Brittany Mahomes came to Iceland to play soccer professionally after graduating from college. She participated in Icelandic women's soccer 2. Brittany Mahomes established her own personal training company, Brittany Lynne Fitness, in Kansas City. She also developed a following of over a million on Instagram, becoming a social media influencer. She and Mahomes launched the Kansas City Current in 2021, a National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) franchise for women's professional soccer.

Brittany Mahomes’s Rise To Stardom

Brittany Matthews has participated in competitive sports since she was in high school, but until she enrolled at the University of Texas at Tyler, she wasn't sure whether athletics would be her future. She enrolled at the college since it was near to her home and because other playerson the squad had pushed her to do so.
Around this time, she developed a passion for the game and started playing college soccer. She contributed 16 assists and 31 goals throughout her four years at the university, helping the Patriots to an impressive 56-13-5 record. During her senior year, she was selected for the "ASC Academic All-Conference Team" and twice honored as the "American Southwest Conference Offensive Player of the Week" in September 2015 and 2016.
After finishing her education, she decided to play professional soccer after seeing her success at the undergraduate level. She signed a contract with Iceland's UMF Afturelding/Fram in May 2017, even before she received her college diploma, in the Champions Room of the UT Tyler athletic complex, in front of her boyfriend, UT Tyler coach Patrick Mahomes II, as well as her parents and grandmother.
She started working with Herbalife after deciding to give up athletics and pursue a career as a fitness teacher. Since then, she has started her own personal training company and uses online programs to assist customers in achieving their fitness and health objectives.

Patrick Mahomes (WIFE) Lifestyle & Net Worth 2023

Some Interesting Facts About Brittany Mahomes

  • Brittany Mahomes is an American fitness trainer, businesswoman, and former professional soccer player.
  • She gained widespread recognition as the longtime girlfriend of Patrick Mahomes II, the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback in the NFL.
  • Brittany's passion for soccer started during her school years at Whitehouse High School in Texas.
  • She continued her soccer journey at the University of Texas at Tyler, where she played as a forward for the college team.
  • During her four years in college, Brittany scored an impressive 31 goals, made 16 assists, and contributed to a remarkable 56-13-5 record for the Patriots.
  • Her exceptional performanceearned her a place in the 'ASC Academic All-Conference Team' and two 'American Southwest Conference Offensive Player of the Week awards.
  • Brittany's soccer talent led her to pursue a professional career, and in 2017, she signed a contract with the Iceland pro team UMF Afturelding/Fram.
  • However, after a stint in professional soccer, she decided to shift her focus and became a fitness coach, starting her own business, Brittany Lynne Fitness.
  • Brittany aspires to work with children with special needs in the future.
  • She was born on September 1, 1995, in Tyler, Texas, to parents Martin Scott Matthews and Diana Massey.
  • During high school, she captained the soccer team at Whitehouse High School and received accolades like 'Offensive MVP' and 'First Team All-East Texas.'
  • Brittany attended the University of Texas at Tyler, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology while playing soccer for the college team.
  • She and Patrick Mahomes II have been together since their high school days and are high school sweethearts.
  • The couple lives together in Westport, Kansas City, Missouri, and share their lives with their pit bull puppy, Steel, who has its own Instagram account.
  • Brittany is an avid supporter of Patrick Mahomes II, cheering for him from the stands during his NFL matches.

People Also Ask

Who Are Brittany Mahomes' Parents?

Brittany Mahomes parents are Scott Matthews and Diana Massey.

What Is Scott Matthews' Profession?

Scott Matthews is a project manager and executive head at Huntzinger Management Group, specializing in the healthcare industry.

In Which Field Did Brittany Mahomes' Father, Scott Matthews, Work Before Joining Huntzinger Management Group?

Before joining Huntzinger Management Group, Scott Matthews worked in the field of IT as the Healthcare IT Leader and director of the IT department at Legacy Community Health Service.

Which Soccer Team Did Brittany Mahomes Play For In College?

Brittany Mahomes represented UT Tyler at the collegiate level in soccer.

What Is The Name Of Brittany Mahomes' Fitness Brand?

Brittany Mahomes owns her fitness brand called "Brittany Lynne Fitness," through which she offers fitness and health coaching to clients.


The influence of Brittany Mahomes parents, Scott Matthews and Diana Massey, on her life and career has been tremendous. Both parents have continued to love and encourage Brittany throughout her path despite their divorce. Brittany's interest in fitness and health has surely been affected by Scott Matthews' extended career in the healthcare and IT industries.
Brittany's early interest in sports may have also been sparked by Diana Massey, who was a former soccer player. Brittany cherishes the love and wisdom she has gotten from her two parents and still maintains close relationships with both her father and her stepfather, Paul Massey, despite the difficulties of their past. Brittany's success as a fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and former professional soccer player has been influenced by their steadfast support, which has helped to establish her as a well-known personality in her own right.
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