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Former USC Ace Reggie Bush Will Sue The NCAA For Defamation

The former USC ace Reggie Bush will sue the NCAA for defamation. In accordance with his legal representatives, Reggie Bush, a former running back for the University of Southern California (USC), intends to initiate a legal action for defamation against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on Wednesday.

Author:Daniel Clark
Reviewer:David Mitchell
Aug 24, 2023
The former USC ace Reggie Bush will sue the NCAAfor defamation. In accordance with his legal representatives, Reggie Bush, a former running back for the University of Southern California (USC), intends to initiate a legal action for defamation against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on Wednesday.
According to a statement from law firm McCathern, PLLC:
The lawsuit is based on the NCAA maliciously attacking his character through a completely false and highly offensive statement that was widely reported in the media and substantially and irreparably damaged his reputation.- McCathern
ESPN, along with other media outlets, received the NCAA statement in question on July 28, 2021. It was sent in response to a request concerning the potential of Bush having his records and participation restored in light of revisions to name, image, and likeness rules that went into effect earlier that month.
An NCAA spokesperson said in that statement:
Although college athletes can now receive benefits from their names, images and likenesses through activities like endorsements and appearances, NCAA rules still do not permit pay-for-play type arrangements. The NCAA infractions process exists to promote fairness in college sports. The rules that govern fair play are voted on, agreed to and expected to be upheld by all NCAA member schools.- NCAA spokesperson
On Wednesday morning, former President George W. Bush is scheduled to deliver a speech during a press conference held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. This pertains to the endeavor made by President George W. Bush to seek reinstatement of his Heisman Trophy, awarded in 2005.
In 2010, Bush voluntarily relinquished the trophy following a comprehensive investigation spanning four years, which revealed that he, along with his family members, had received monetary compensation, travel expenses, and a residence in the San Diego region during his tenure as a student-athlete.
The aforementioned residence, where Bush's parents resided without paying rent for over a year, was additionally furnished with a sum of $10,000.
Since its inception, the Heisman Trophy Trust has maintained that Bush is ineligible for the honor since the NCAA voided his 2005 season and thereby rendered him ineligible for consideration. In spite of this, it is predicted that Bush's award will be restored in the event that the NCAA decides to legally reinstate his records.

Reggie Bush says NCAA's pay-for-play claim is untrue, defames his character

The NCAA's statement is completely false and highly offensive. The NCAA knew Mr. Bush was never even accused of, involved in, much less sanctioned for any 'pay-for-play arrangement,' which never occurred.- McCathern
The necessary 10-year period of disassociation from USC that Bush was subject to concluded in 2020.
In a statement on Wednesday:
While we are not a party to Mr. Bush's lawsuit, we fully support his efforts to regain his Heisman Trophy.- University of Southern California (USC)
On Tuesday evening, a request for a statement from the NCAA was not immediately met with a response.

Reggie Bush Facts

Reginald Alfred Bush Jr., born March 2, 1985, is a former American footballrunning back who currently works as a college footballcommentator for Fox Sports. He played collegiate footballat USC, where he was a consensus All-American twice and won the Heisman Trophy as the nation's best player.
Bush is largely recognized as one of the all-time best college footballplayers. The New Orleans Saints selected him second overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. Bush was selected an All-Pro punt returner for the Saints in 2008 and helped the team win Super Bowl XLIV over the Indianapolis Colts in 2010.
Before retiring from professional footballin 2017, he also played for the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, and San Francisco 49ers.
In addition to the Heisman Trophy, Bush received the Doak Walker and Walter Camp trophies in 2005. However, charges that he accepted unlawful perks were important to an NCAA investigation of the USC footballteam, which resulted in significant NCAA punishments, including a two-year playoff suspension and the revocation of the 2004 national title. As a result, Bush chose to forego his Heisman Trophy.

Final Words

The NCAA imposed a 10-year disassociation punishment on the former USC running back, which expired in June. During his three seasons at USC, Bush was a two-time All-American, rushing for 1,740 yards and catching 37 passes while scoring 18 touchdowns.
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