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Best Tips 180 1x2 Bets This Week

The goal of 1X2 betting, unlike Asian handicaps or totals, is not to balance out perceived differences in player or team quality. We are also going to review wich are the best tips 180 1x2 bettings for this week.

Author:Henrik SchmidtOct 22, 2022
Three-way betting, also known as 1X2 betting, is when you back or lay a home win, a draw, or an away win. We define a 1X2 betting market and walk you through the payout calculation.
One easy way to wager on sports where there is a chance of a tie is with 1X2 bets, which are incredibly popular. A home win is indicated by a 1, a draw by an X, and an away win by a 2.
The goal of 1X2 betting, unlike Asian handicaps or totals, is not to balance out perceived differences in player or team quality. We are also going to review wich are the best tips 180 1x2bettings for this week.
They aim to reflect the actual odds of each potential outcome, net of any exchange commission or bookmakermargin.

How To Figure Out Your Payout When Placing A Back Bet On A 1X2 Market

Your payout for a back bet on a 1X2 market is determined in two steps. As an illustration, suppose you wagered £100 at odds of 2.88 on Liverpool to defeat Manchester City.

Subtract Commission From The Return Calculation

It is determined by:
Odds x Bet equals £ return.
In our example, 2.88 * 100 equals £288.
As a result, if Liverpool won, your wager would return £288, including the stake, with a profit of $188.
You must deduct the commission from the profit though because betting exchanges, unlike bookmakers, don't factor a margin into the odds.

Calculate Return With Commission

It is determined by:
((Stake * (Odds-1)) x Commission rate
So in our example you would be charged £3.76 commission, meaning your return would be £284.24 - a profit of £184.24
If the match ends in either a draw or a Man City victory, you would lose the bet and your £100 stake.
Even when commission is factored in to the odds, you will generally find that Smarkets has the best price - a result of our industry-low 2% commission on winning bets only.
Once you have learnt how to calculate betting margins, you can compare margins across bookmakers and exchanges to find who offers you the best value odds.
How to calculate your payout for a lay bet on a 1X2 market
Unlike a bookmaker when betting on a 1X2 market, you can also lay the result. As an example let’s say you lay Man City against Liverpool with a stake of £100 at odds of 2.68.
Similarly to calculating your payout for a back bet, there are two stages for a lay bet.
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People Also Ask

How Do I Win A 1X2 Bet?

The phrase "X2" in gamblingprimarily refers to a double chance. The X2 stands for a tool created for a double outcome.
Either a draw or the second team winning the entire game are two potential outcomes. If you bet X2 on wins, both of the possible outcomes will result in a win for you as the player.

What Is 1X2 Prediction?

A common and straightforward approach to wagering on sports where a draw could occur is with 1 X 2 bets.
The 1 designates a home victory, the X a draw, and the 2 an away triumph. In contrast to Asian handicaps or totals, 1X2 bets don't try to even out differences in how good a player or team is thought to be.

Which Predict Site Is The Best?

Many consider PredictZ to be the world's greatest and most dependable footballprediction website.
They offer free analyses, league tables, the most recent results, footballadvice, and much more. They cover every major footballleague, with the English Premier League receiving the majority of their attention.


The popularity of 1X2 betting derives from its simple format. You now understand what a 1X2 betting market is and how to calculate your payout giving you the best chance to make a profit on this betting market.
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