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Gary Medel - Meet Chile's "Pitbull" Hard-Tackling Football Midfielder

Gary Medel is also known as “Pitbull” and “The Chilean Gattuso” due to his aggressive nature for the game resembling Italian midfielder Gennaro Gattuso. He is Chile's most formidable defensive force, and perhaps the country's most loved player, the inspiration behind the football World Cup 2014 mascot of a dog.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Oct 18, 2022
Gary Medelis also known as “Pitbull” and “The Chilean Gattuso” due to his aggressive nature for the game resembling Italian midfielder Gennaro Gattuso.
He is Chile's most formidable defensive force, and perhaps the country's most loved player, the inspiration behind the footballWorld Cup 2014 mascot of a dog.
He is a versatile and talented player. His playing skill is indeed very strong. Gary mostly likes to play long balls, shooting from distance.
Gary Medel plays the ball often off the ground. This energetic defender has good speed in the game with the ball tackling skills. He has got good dribbling talent on the ball.
If you want to know more about Gary Medel, read on as we discuss "The Pitbull's" story in this article. We will cover Gary Medel's career history, net worth, and current news. Let’s check out some interesting details about him.

Gary Medel Biography And Personal Life

Gary Medel smiling and wearing red uniform with words Gary Medel Biography And Personal Life
Gary Medel smiling and wearing red uniform with words Gary Medel Biography And Personal Life
Gary Alexis Medel Soto is a Chilean professional footballer who plays for Bologna as a defensive midfielder. However, he can also play as a defender and has even been deployed as a center-back throughout his career, as well as in midfield.
Gary Medel’s dad worked as a gardener and his mother was a complete-time housewife raising 4 kids – 3 sons and a daughter in the home in Conchali, Santiago province.
He’s called Gary because his mom was a huge enthusiast of Gary Cooper. This energetic Defender offers good quickness in the overall game with the ball tackling abilities.
Gary Medel is a very strong guy, both spiritually and physically. At the moment he is in the heyday of his footballcareer, but he did not come to this right away.
He moved to the goal, fighting with severe injuries, getting into car accidents, and coping with the troubles that brought him life.

Gary Medel Football Career Timeline

Gary medel standing while wearing colored black and red soccer uniform
Gary medel standing while wearing colored black and red soccer uniform
Gary Medel has played club footballwith several teams in numerous countries, starting out with Chilean side Universidad Católica, and later playing for Argentine side Boca Juniors, Spanish side Sevilla, Premier League side Cardiff City, and Italian side Inter Milan, before moving to Beşiktaş in Turkey.
In March 2007, Medel made his international debut for Chile in a friendly against Argentina. Later that year, he played a key role in Chile's third-place finish in the U-20 World Cup held in Canada.
On 20 July 2009, he joined Boca Juniors on an initial loan for US$300,000 with the option to buy for $2.5 million, with Damián Díaz being sent in the opposite direction. Medel said of the movie "This is a dream come true.
Medel joined Sevilla for €3 million on 28 January 2011, on a 4½-year contract, on the same day as the club also signed Ivan Rakitić for their central midfield. He said,
"I am happy to be here, I hope that everything goes well. I'm a player who puts a lot into my heart on the pitch, I hope that with my playing that I can contribute to Sevilla".
On 11 August 2013, Cardiff City confirmed that they had signed Medel from Sevilla for a club-record £11 million fee on a four-year deal. After Cardiff's relegation, Medel joined the Italian club Inter Milan for a reported £10 million fee on 9 August 2014.
On 11 August 2017, Medel signed for Turkish Süper Lig champions Beşiktaş for a reported €3 million. He signed a three-year contract. In June 2017, Medel was named in the 2017 FIFAConfederations Cup squad in Chile's first-ever participation.
On 29 August 2019, Medel signed a three-year contract with Serie A club Bologna for a reported fee of €2.5 million. He debuted for Bologna against rivals SPAL on 30 August 2019. Currently, Gary Medel is 34 years. Gary Medel will celebrate his 35th birthday on Wednesday 3rd of August 2022.

Gary Medel's Game Play

Gary Medel is a footballplayer who can not be called restrained. It's like a lion wakes up when he goes to the field. He lives footballbut does not play it. Gary Medel argues that the fight in the match is absolutely normal.
And if some play in the play, others play football. Gary Medel, whose photo shows us as a strong and muscular athlete, has all the qualities of a real midfielder. Excellent tenacity, incredible stamina, excellent selection, and, of course, a good game in the subcategories.
In addition, the player is able to participate in attacks and block rivals. He excelled in everything. Although there is something that he does not work on. He can not play "on the second floor" - a small height (171 cm) does not allow this.

Gary Medel Viral News

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Between Chile’s and Argentina’s game, Gary Medel became viral overnight, but all for the wrong reasons. On July 7, 2019, the game was contested to determine the winner of the bronze medal in Copa America. But the game grew heated as World-class playersMessi, and Gray Medel attacked each other throughout the game.
The conflict occurred during the first half while Argentina was leading the game 2-0. Chile had the pressure to lead the game while Argentina was fighting to hold the lead.
Around 37 minutes in the game, Messi was chasing the ball in the box when just at that time, he seemed to have bumped the player. Gary reacted forcefully, which produced havoc in the field. And finally, both the players were issued red cards and expelled from the game.
The event was heavily criticized by the people in the media and fans, respectively, for the discriminatory attitude towards Argentina and the player. Messi even declined to appear in the award ceremony in retaliation to the committee’s treatment of his squad.
But unlike Messi, it was not the second red card for Gary Medel. According to, it was Gary’s first-ever red card in his footballcareer. However, Gary has already received 6 yellow cards to date.

People Also Ask

Is Gary Medel Married?

As of 2019, the Chilean player is married to his wife, Cristina Morales, who is a Journalist. The player tied the knot with Cristina in the year 2017. Other than that, no additional information has been given about his wife. So far, the couple has been blessed with Alejandro Isaac Medel Henriquez, Agustina Medel, Gary Stevens Medel Henriquez, and Medel Morales.

What Is Gary Medel's Net Worth As Of 2022?

As of 2022, the entire belongings of the Chilean participant are assessed to be $1 million. Gary allegedly made 1.8 million euros as compensation in 2014. He has made such amount of wealth from his primary career as SoccerPlayer. Gary has marked a 3 million greenback contract with Turkish group Besiktas for a very long time. On this note, we can assure you that Gary Medel is living a prosperous life.

What Are Some Of Gary Medel's Achievements?

The player has achieved a lot. He was recognized as the defender of the year in Chile in 2008 (in addition to all of the above), and besides, he won America's Cup in 2015.


In conclusion, we can say that Gary Medel is one of the prominent players in the world of football. Gary officially began his profession as a footballer by joining the Universidad Catolica at 12 years old.
From that point on, Gary had just experienced achievement and bloomed as an imperative player for the group. Gary indeed has great achievements however, more fans are still expecting a lot more coming from him in the future.
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