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Meet Joshua Dobbs Stunning Girlfriend And Know Biography

He was signed by the Titans off the Detroit Lions practice squad before Week 16 of the 2022 regular season. On December 29, 2022, Tennessee Titans quarterback Joshua Dobbs made a big impression with his first NFL start. His loved ones and supporters were ecstatic when he completed his first touchdown throw. And his girlfriend was as well. Many fans are curious to know who is Joshua Dobbs girlfriend.

Author:Gabriel Martinez
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Nov 16, 2023
Jocelyn Lara, the girlfriend of Joshua Dobbs, is a driven and ambitious person. She became well-known because of her lover. American footballis nothing new to Robert Joshua Dobbs. He is a well-known quarterback who competes in the National FootballLeague (NFL) for the Tennessee Titans.
He was signed by the Titans off the Detroit Lions practice squad before Week 16 of the 2022 regular season. On December 29, 2022, Tennessee Titans quarterback Joshua Dobbs made a big impression with his first NFL start.
His loved ones and supporters were ecstatic when he completed his first touchdown throw. And his girlfriend was as well. Many fans are curious to know who is Joshua Dobbs girlfriend.

Quick Facts About Jocelyn Lara

Full NameJocelyn Lara
Date of BirthDecember 10, 1996
Age26 years old
ParentsJose Lara and Delmy Zelaya
HometownChelsea, Massachusetts
EducationBachelor's degree in supply chain and marketing from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville
JobAssistant for the football team's recruiting efforts
Relationship StatusGirlfriend of Joshua Dobbs, quarterback for the Tennessee Titans
Joshua Dobbs And Lara Togather
Joshua Dobbs And Lara Togather

Who Is Joshua Dobbs Girlfriend?

The answer to the question of who is Joshua Dobbs girlfriend is that Jocelyn Lara is his girlfriend. It is unknown when or how Jocelyn Lara and Joshua Dobbs began dating, but it is known that they attended the University of Tennessee together. The pair is quite secretive about their personal relationship.
They had their first encounter with one another while attending the University of Tennessee. In 2016, Joshua Dobbs earned his degree in Aerospace Engineering with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Jocelyn Lara is another student that attended this institution, graduating in 2019 with a degree in Supply Chain and Marketing.

Jocelyn Lara Early Life

Joshua Dobbs, a quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, has a girlfriend named Jocelyn Lara. Jocelyn Lara was born to Jose Lara and Delmy Zelaya on December 10, 1996; she is 26 years old.
She spent her childhood in Chelsea, Massachusetts, together with her sister Jessica Lara Echevarria and her brother Arnold Lara. Lara has also called the city of Atlanta, Georgia, her home during the time that she spent there.
In 2019, Jocelyn Lara received her bachelor's degree in supply chain and marketing from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She studied there for four years. As a student at the college, she was an assistant for the footballteam's recruiting efforts.
The financial services business GM Financial employs Jocelyn's sister, who also happens to be married to Orlando Echevarria and holds the position of senior credit analyst there. There is no evidence to suggest that Jocelyn Lara dated anybody else before her connection with Joshua Dobbs; nonetheless, she is now in a serious relationship with him.

Jocelyn Lara Income And Salary

There is no information available about her income as Jocelyn Lara has not revealed her salary, earnings, or wealth. On the other hand, Joshua Dobbs, her lover, has a net worth of $27 million.

Jocelyn Lara Profession Is Account Manager

After taking part in the NFL Women's Careers in FootballForum in February 2020, Jocelyn Lara worked as the executive assistant to the head footballcoach at the University of Minnesota later that same year.
Lara started working for Team IFA, a sports management organization located in Minneapolis, as a client relations coordinator in June of 2021. Later on in the same year, in October, Lara started working in Atlanta for Generation Adidas International as an account manager.
She was not only successful in her academic pursuits but also contributed back to the institution when she was a student thereby working on initiatives such as recruiting footballplayers. This link proved to be quite helpful for her when it came time to look for her next career, and she has since been hired by two reputable organizations that specialize in sportmanagement.
Her most recent position is that of account manager for Generation Adidas International in Atlanta. Before that, she worked as a client relations coordinator for IFA, a full-service sports management company headquartered in Minneapolis.

Is Jocelyn Lara On Twitter?

Yes, Jocelyn Lara is on Twitter. @JoceyyL is her handle on Twitter. On Twitter, she has more than 1290 followers.

The Early Life Of Jocelyn Lara's Boyfriend

Joshua Dobbs is a quarterback who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National FootballLeague (NFL) at the moment. Dobbs is a professional footballplayer. He attended the University of Tennessee for his collegiate footballcareer, where he went on to become one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in the history of the institution.
On January 26, 1995, Joshua Dobbs was born. He is 28 years old. Dobbs spent his childhood in a football-loving household in Alpharetta, Georgia, where he was born.
His mother, Larissa Dobbs, was a cheerleader, while his father, Robert Dobbs, coached high school football. He took care of both of his parents. Breanna Dobbs, who is Dobbs's younger sister and also has a love for athletics and was a former high school basketball player, is one of Dobbs's siblings.
Dobbs is appreciative of the support he receives from his family and attributes his success as a footballplayer to the encouragement and direction he receives from them. He is proud of his African American ancestry and the role it played in shaping who he is today.
Dobbs is a citizen of the United States of America and has the nationality of the United States of America. Dobbs received his education at Stanford University, where he distinguished himself as a quarterback for the Cardinal footballteam.
Dobbs' parents supported his interest in footballfrom a young age, which contributed to the early development of his enthusiasm for the game. When he was in middle school, he started playing football, and he soon rose through the ranks to become one of the greatest quarterbacks in his region.
Dobbs had his secondary education at Alpharetta High School, where he excelled academically and athletically as a high school quarterback, guiding his team to a number of triumphs. Dobbs received a footballscholarship to play at Stanford University after he graduated from high school. While there, he continued honing his quarterback ability and further developed his skills.
Joshua Dobbs Playing American Football
Joshua Dobbs Playing American Football

College Career Of Jocelyn Lara's Boyfriend

Dobbs participated in five games with four starts as a true freshman in 2013 at the University of Tennessee after starter Justin Worley was hurt in a 45-10 defeat to the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Dobbs completed 5-of-12 passes for 75 yards when he entered the contest on the road against No. 1 Alabama.
At Faurot Field, he made his first career start against the Tigers of Missouri, ranked 10th. Dobbs had competition from Worley, a senior, and Nathan Peterman, a junior, for the starting job for Tennessee in 2014.
Although Dobbs replaced Worley as the starter in November after Worley sustained an injury during a 34-3 defeat to the No. 3 Ole Miss Rebels at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, Worley had been named the starter. Although Dobbs wasn't forced into action right away after the injury, Peterman was designated the starter for the next week's game against the No. 4 Alabama Crimson Tide, but Dobbs swiftly replaced him.
Dobbs had 192 passing yards and two running scores against the Crimson Tide, contributing nicely to the 34-20 loss. At Williams-Brice Stadium, Dobbs had a career-defining effort against South Carolina. Dobbs had 166 running yards and three rushing touchdowns in addition to 301 passing yards and two throwing scores during the 45-42 comeback victory in overtime.
Dobbs contributed to the 50-16 win against the Kentucky Wildcats at Neyland Stadium with 297 passing yards, three passing touchdowns, 48 running yards, and one rushing score. Tennessee won its first bowl game since the 2010 campaign thanks to Dobbs and the team.
Dobbs was honored as the 2015 TaxSlayer Bowl MVP after Tennessee defeated Iowa 45-28. Dobbs started for Tennessee in 2016 as he approached the last year of his college eligibility. He started the season with a strong showing against Appalachian State at home. Dobbs had 192 yards passing but fumbled on the goal line in the 20-13 overtime victory.
Teammate and running back Jalen Hurd recovered the ball to give Tennessee the game-winning touchdown. Dobbs scored two running touchdowns and three throwing touchdowns in the 2016 Pilot Flying J Battle at Bristol.
Tennessee was led by Dobbs to a second straight 9-4 record. The school's 18 victories under Dobbs' direction were the highest in a two-year stretch since 2006–2007. In 2016, Dobbs was admitted to Omicron Delta Kappa at the University of Tennessee.

Professional Career Of Jocelyn Lara's Boyfriend

Joshua Dobbs had dreams of succeeding as an NFL quarterback when he first started his professional career. He enters the NFL in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft with the Pittsburgh Steelers after a standout collegiate career. Despite being seen as a mid-round prospect, Dobbs showed potential while attending college, especially by playing in the Senior Bowl as the South team's starting quarterback and showcasing his abilities.
Dobbs signed a four-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers and eventually became used to the NFL. He mostly filled in for Ben Roethlisberger and Landry Jones during his debut season. He didn't participate in an NFL regular-season game until 2018; he was given the opportunity to do so while Ben Roethlisberger was hurt. Despite having few opportunities to play on the field, he learned a lot while playing with the Steelers.
Dobbs was moved to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2019 as a result of Mason Rudolph's ascent to stardom and an injury to Nick Foles, the quarterback for the Jaguars. Dobbs has shown his interests outside of footballby juggling a career in footballwith an internship at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Jacksonville.
In 2020, Dobbs rejoined the Pittsburgh Steelers after being picked up off the waiver wire. He was now in his second season with the squad, and he was still eager for field appearances. He extended his NFL career throughout the years by making brief stints with the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions.
When he signed up with the Tennessee Titans in late 2022, his path took an intriguing turn. Due to the team's previous quarterbacks' performanceissues and injuries, Dobbs was forced into the starting position. During his starts, he showed glimpses of his promise and had memorable moments, including the first touchdown throw of his career. However, some of these chances came with difficulties, and he had both triumphs and failures.
Dobbs has rejoined the Cleveland Browns as of 2023, demonstrating his tenacity and desire to make an impact in the NFL. His career has been characterized by changes in teams and responsibilities, but he has always shown a commitment to the game and a readiness to rise to new challenges.

Joshua Dobbs: Chasing Dreams

Some Interesting Facts About Jocelyn Lara

  • Along with her siblings, Arnold Lara and Jessica Lara Echevarria, she grew up in Chelsea, Massachusetts.
  • Jocelyn Lara studied supply chain and marketing at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she graduated in 2019.
  • Jocelyn Lara assisted with footballteam recruitment when she was a student at the University of Tennessee.
  • The Tennessee Titans quarterback Joshua Dobbs and Jocelyn Lara are devoted to one another. Jocelyn Lara and Joshua Dobbs met when they were both students at the same institution.
  • Jocelyn Lara's sister is employed by GM Financial as a senior credit analyst.
  • Joshua Dobbs and Jocelyn Lara desire to keep their romance a secret.

People Also Ask

Who Is Jocelyn Lara?

Jocelyn Lara is the girlfriend of American footballplayer Joshua Dobbs.

When Was Jocelyn Lara Born?

Jocelyn Lara was born on December 10, 1996.

Who Are Jocelyn Lara's Parents?

Jocelyn Lara's parents are Jose Lara and Delmy Zelaya.

Where Did Jocelyn Lara Grow Up?

Jocelyn Lara grew up in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

What Is Jocelyn Lara's Educational Background?

Jocelyn Lara received her bachelor's degree in supply chain and marketing from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

How Old Is Jocelyn Lara?

Jocelyn Lara is currently 26 years old.


Jocelyn Lara's journey from her roots in Chelsea, Massachusetts, to her current status as the girlfriend of renowned American footballplayer Joshua Dobbs showcases her determination and achievements. She actively participated in the footballteam's recruiting efforts while earning a degree in supply chain and marketing from the University of Tennessee, demonstrating her commitment. Many people were wondering “Who is Joshua Dobbs girlfriend”, so Jocelyn Lara got notoriety being his girlfriend.
She keeps a low profile because she values her privacy, even though her relationship with Dobbs definitely helped her gain notoriety. However, the mystery her presence has generated among fans highlights the interest people have in both her and Dobbs' lives. Within the realm of sports and celebrity romances, Jocelyn Lara's ascent to stardom continues to be an engrossing subplot.
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