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Arturo Vidal News, Career Statistics And History

Arturo Vidal, a well-known professional football player with the monikers "The Warrior," "King Arturo," and "La Piranha," is one of the most combative and physically powerful players in the world. Due to his domineering and forceful tackling techniques, he is also often referred to as La Piranha. Football fans especially like him for his unusual hairdo.

Author:David Mitchell
Reviewer:Daniel Clark
Jul 18, 2023
Arturo Vidal, a well-known professional footballplayer with the monikers "The Warrior," "King Arturo," and "La Piranha," is one of the most combative and physically powerful playersin the world. Due to his domineering and forceful tackling techniques, he is also often referred to as La Piranha. Footballfans especially like him for his unusual hairdo.
Vidal, a professional footballplayer for Chile's national team, has played for a number of elite footballteams during his career, including Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, and Juventus. Arturo Vidal is a current member of the Flamengo footballsquad.
Vidal is a talented and adaptable player who excels in the midfield position. He has played left midfielder, right midfielder, center defensive midfielder, and sometimes all three positions during his career. Due to his intellect, shooting prowess, and adaptability in the game, he is recognized as one of the best and most skilled midfielders in the history of the sport.

Quick Facts About Arturo Vidal

Full NameArturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo
NicknameKing Arturo ad La Piranha
Date of Birth22 May 1987
Birth PlaceSantiago, Chile
Known asArturo Vidal
Age35 Years
Zodiac SignGemini
Playing PositionCentral Midfielder, Central defensive midfielder
Father’s NameErasmo Vidal
Mother’s NameJacqueline Pardo
SiblingsOne brother Sandrino Vidal, and two sisters Ambar and Victoria Vidal
Height5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m)
Weight165 pounds (75 Kg)

Arturo Vidal Background History

On May 22, 1987, Arturo Vidal was born in the city of Santiago, Chile. Arturo Vidal was born in the Chilean capital of Santiago. As a result, Santiago, Chile, is considered to be his birthplace. The current holder of the Copa America Cup was given birth to by his parents, Erasmo Vidal and Jacqueline Pardo. His mother and father are both originally from Chile.
As a result of the fact that his mother worked as a housekeeper and his father was a drug addict, he did not enjoy an easy or pleasant childhood.
In addition, he has a brother who goes by the name Sandrino Vidal, as well as two sisters who go by the names Ambar Vidal and Victoria Vidal. Vidal spent a lot of his childhood playing footballwith his brother and their other friends.
The brilliant boy was quickly signed by the local team Colo Colo, and in early 2007, he joined the German footballclub Bayer Leverkusen. Finally, he moved to Juventus, where he gained enormous success and has been there ever since. Arturo Vidal wore the number 23 on his shirt while he played for Juventus, and he continues to wear the same number at his current club, Inter Milan, where he is a member of the first team.
Throughout his career, he utilized the moniker Vidal for both his club team and the shirt that he wore for his country's team. He began his professional career as a defensive midfielder and was successful in a variety of roles in the midfield.

Arnaut Danjuma Club Career

Arturo Vidal, a professional footballer from Chile, has had a distinguished club career that has taken him to various top-tier clubs in a variety of divisions. This has allowed him to build a name for himself in the sport.
In 2006, he made his debut in the professional ranks with the illustrious club Colo-Colo, which was located in his native nation. It didn't take long for Vidal's skill and potential to be noticed, and it was immediately obvious that he had the characteristics necessary to achieve success at the top level of the game.
Vidal made the move to Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga in 2007. This transfer took place in 2007. The German club paid a significant sum of $11 million for his contract, which at the time set a new national record for the amount of money spent on such a deal.
Because of this trade, the tremendous expectations that were put upon the young midfielder were brought to light, and he did not disappoint. On the field, Vidal's performances for Bayer Leverkusen demonstrated his adaptability, technical skill, and determination.
After four productive years in Germany, Vidal moved on to Serie A giants Juventus for his next stop after leaving Germany. His position as a player of the highest caliber was further cemented when, in 2011, he agreed to a deal that was worth $10.5 million over the course of five years.
Vidal's career flourished tremendously at Juventus, where he became an indispensable component of that team's powerful midfield. His contributions to the club, both defensively and offensively, were essential to the team's success.
In November of 2013, Vidal accomplished a great achievement by scoring his first hat trick for Juventus. This was a significant accomplishment for Vidal. As a result of this achievement, he became the first player for the club to score three goals in a single match since the year 2000.
His spectacular performances on a continuous basis revealed his ability to have a huge influence on the game and cemented his position as one of the best midfielders in European football. His performances also secured his spot as one of the top midfielders in the world.
Vidal's accomplishments were not limited to his time spent playing for clubs. In 2007, he was a member of the Chilean Under-20 National Team, and during the World Cup for that age group, they finished in third place thanks in large part to his contributions.
He proceeded to display his skill by playing for the Chilean national team in the qualification stages for the 2010 World Cup. Additionally, he contributed significantly to the 2014 FIFAWorld Cup by being selected for the final squad and scoring five goals throughout the qualification stages. This earned him a place on the tournament's All-Star team.
Vidal has been known as "Il Guerriero" or "The Warrior" throughout his professional career as a result of his reckless style of play and never-give-up mentality while out on the pitch.
His outstanding play garnered him plaudits, including selection to the Team of the Season for the 2010–11 Bundesliga and the 2012–13 Serie A seasons, respectively. These distinctions shed even more light on his effect and the appreciation he garnered from his contemporaries as well as footballindustry professionals all across the globe.
Arturo Vidal's club career has been distinguished by persistent success, contributions to famous teams, and individual awards. In conclusion, this has been the case throughout Arturo Vidal's club career.
His rise through the ranks at Colo-Colo, Bayer Leverkusen, and, finally, Juventus demonstrated his development as a player and cemented his reputation as one of the most accomplished central midfielders of his age. Vidal has made an everlasting impression on the world of footballbecause of his amazing abilities and ferocious drive.
Arnaut Danjuma In Barcelona Uniform
Arnaut Danjuma In Barcelona Uniform

Arnaut Danjuma Career Statistics

The reputation of Arturo Vidal as a fierce and very skillful midfielder His physicality, endurance, and capacity to make a contribution on the field both defensively and offensively are well known. Vidal is renowned for his strong tackles, deft passing, and ability to score goals.
According to the statistics, he has participated in 555 games and recorded 104 goals and 75 assists. But the desire to put points on the board is what matters most to him. He appeared for Bayern Munich 124 times, during which time he scored 22 goals and provided 18 assists.
In addition, he has a great drive to score goals and is skilled at adding in the penalty area. He has played 171 games for Juventus and has contributed 48 goals and 25 assists. During his time at Inter Milan, he participated in 41 games, during which he contributed four goals and six assists.
Arturo Vidal has received various awards and medals during the course of his career. Among his noteworthy accomplishments are his domestic league championships in Chile, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Additionally, he has triumphed in domestic cup events like the DFB-Pokal and the Copa Italia. Vidal has also played a significant role for Chile's national team, helping them win the Copa America twice in 2015 and 2016.
Arturo Vidal Celebrating
Arturo Vidal Celebrating

Arturo Vidal Wife

Sonia Isaza is the woman whom Arturo Vidal is seeing in a romantic capacity. Sonia Isaza is a prominent bodybuilder and bikini model who was born in Colombia. She is well known for her bodybuilding career.
Before she met Arturo, Sonia had already gained recognition on a global scale. In addition to being a fitness model, she is also famous on social media platforms and YouTube. Since 2018, Sonia has been sharing photos and videos of her boyfriend and herself on her Instagram account. The pair have been dating since then.
Arturo Vidal was married to Maria Teresa. Arturo's past involvement with Maria Teresa Matus included a romantic partnership. In 2008, when Arturo Vidal was in his late 20s, he finally got back together with his ex-wife, Maria Teresa Matus. When Arturo Vidal first met Maria, he did not have a significant amount of fame. Despite this, he was successful in winning the lovely beauty's affection.
Ten happy years were shared by the couple throughout their time together. A disagreement in their romantic relationship led to the two of them breaking up in 2019. Maria is now very popular on social media, and her followers really appreciate the information that she posts on her page.

Kids Of Arturo Vidal

Vidal and his ex-wife, Maria, have three lovely children, all of whom have brought them much joy. They have a total of three children: two boys and a girl. On May 7, 2013, their eldest son, Alonso Vidal, was brought into the world.
On March 7, 2014, Maria presented her husband with their second child, a girl named Elizabetta Vidal. Emiliano Vidal was born to the couple on May 26, 2017, making him their youngest child.

Is Arturo Vidal On Instagram And Twitter

Arturo Vidal is also a frequent user of social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Over 20 million people follow Arturo Vidal on Instagram. @kingarturo23official is his Instagram account.

The Brilliance of Arturo Vidal

Some Interesting Facts About Arturo Vidal

  • When Bayer Leverkusen paid $11 million for his contract in 2007, it set a new record for the most money ever paid in a national transfer in Chile.
  • Vidal's rough and abrasive playing style earned him the moniker "Il Guerriero" (The Warrior), which translates to "The Warrior."
  • In 2011, Vidal signed with Juventus, and during his time there, the team won four straight Serie A championships.
  • In November of 2013, he became the first player since the year 2000 to record a hat trick for Juventus. This accomplishment made him a pioneer in the sport.
  • Vidal has been an integral part of the Chilean national team and was an important contributor to the squad's success in the Copa America tournament in 2015 and 2016.
  • Between the years 2015 and 2018, he was a member of the Bayern Munich team that won the Bundesliga championship all three years in a row.
  • In 2018, Vidal made the move to Barcelona, where he spent the next two seasons playing for the Spanish giants.
  • On the pitch, he has established a reputation for being versatile due to his ability to play a variety of positions inside the midfield.
  • Vidal has been able to regularly contribute to an offense by scoring goals from midfield throughout his career, making him a useful weapon in attack.
  • He has a sizable following across many social media sites, including Instagram and Twitter, where he has millions of followers combined. His social media presence is formidable.
  • Vidal has been honored with a number of individual accolades, including the Golden Ball in the Copa America in 2015 and the Footballer of the Year title in Serie A in 2013.
  • After enjoying a lot of success with Inter Milan, he made the move to one of the best clubs in Brazil, Flamengo, in 2021.
  • Away from the pitch, Vidal has been active in philanthropic endeavors and has provided assistance to a variety of organizations in his home country of Chile.

Arnaut Danjuma Net Income

The total wealth of Arturo Vidal is $18 million. He has represented many teams, including Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen, and Bayern Munich.
His salary from the footballclub, together with any extra incentives, endorsements, and sponsorship agreements, make up the majority of his income. Vidal made his national team debut in 2007 and went on to play 129 matches.
He has also received a sizable salary from his national team playing career. When he was very young, he was signed by the German team Bayer Leverkusen for almost $12 million, where he received a massive signing bonus and salary. He secured a transfer to Italian footballpowerhouse Juventus in a 13.5 million-dollar deal after turning in strong performances each season, where he had great success.
He received a salary alone at his old team, Inter Milan, of almost 7.5 million dollars per year. Arturo Vidal receives a salary with Flamengo of €3.6 million each year. He committed to an 18-month contract with a South American team.

People Also Ask

What Position Does Arturo Vidal Play? A

Arturo Vidal primarily plays as a midfielder.

How Many Champions League Titles Have Arturo Vidal Won?

Arturo Vidal has won one UEFA Champions Leaguetitle.

Which Clubs Have Arturo Vidal Played For In The Past?

Arturo Vidal has played for clubs such as Colo-Colo, Bayer Leverkusen, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Flamengo.

Has Arturo Vidal Won Any Domestic League Titles?

Yes, Arturo Vidal has won domestic league titles in Chile, Germany, Italy, and Spain throughout his career.

How Many Copa America Titles Have Arturo Vidal Won With Chile?

Arturo Vidal has won the Copa America twice with Chile, in 2015 and 2016.

What Is Arturo Vidal's Playing Style Known For?

Arturo Vidal is known for his tenacity, physicality, and technical ability on the field. He is considered a box-to-box midfielder.

What Individual Awards Have Arturo Vidal Won?

Arturo Vidal has won several individual awards, including the Serie A Footballer of the Year in 2013 and the Copa America Golden Ball in 2015.


The career of Arturo Vidal has been nothing short of extraordinary. Vidal has continuously shown his brilliance, persistence, and adaptability as a midfielder, from his early days at Colo-Colo to his successful experiences with major European teams.
His accomplishments include winning several domestic league championships, turning in standout performances in the UEFA Champions League, and playing a significant role in Chile's Copa America victories. The combative mentality, technical proficiency, and goal-scoring prowess that define Vidal's playing style have made him a favorite among midfielders of his age.
He has received praise from fans and colleagues alike throughout his career for his achievements, winning individual honors. The career of Arturo Vidal is evidence of his commitment, zeal, and unyielding spirit both on and off the field.
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