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Sunil Chhetri Net Worth, Bio And International Career

Sunil Chhetri is the current player with the third-highest goal-scoring total in the annals of football history. Sunil Chhetri has scored 74 goals for India, making him the country's all-time leading goal scorer. The name Sunil Chhetri is synonymous with greatness in Indian football. Sunil Chhetri net worth and many more details are discussed in this article.

Author:Daniel Clark
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Aug 26, 2023
Sunil Chhetri is a well-known name in Indian football. Sunil Chhetri is without a doubt one of the most amazing footballplayersto represent India in a significant amount of time. Sunil Chhetri is a striker for the Indian National FootballTeam. He has been with the team since 2007. He has a reputation for being a very deadly and risky striker of the ball.
Sunil Chhetri is the current player with the third-highest goal-scoring total in the annals of footballhistory. Sunil Chhetri has scored 74 goals for India, making him the country's all-time leading goal scorer. He has played for India more than any other player in the country's history. The name Sunil Chhetri is synonymous with greatness in Indian football. Sunil Chhetri net worthand many more details are discussed in this article.

Quick Facts About Sunil Chhetri

Real NameSunil Chhetri
Nick NameSunil Chhetri
Date of birth3 August 1984
Height170 cm (5 Feet 7 Inches)
Weight(154 lbs) 70 kg
Birth PlaceSecunderabad
ProfessionIndian Football Player
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack
Sunil Chhetri Sitting On Grass Field
Sunil Chhetri Sitting On Grass Field

Sunil Chhetri Personal Life

Sunil Chhetri was born on August 3, 1984, in the city of Secunderabad, which is located in what is now the Indian state of Telangana. His father, K.B. Chhetri, was a member of the Indian Army, and both of his parents, K.B. Chhetri and Sushila Chhetri, are of Nepali descent. Because of the work that his father did, Chhetri spent most of his youth relocating from one city in India to another.
Chhetri's interest in footballwas sparked at an early age, although he didn't begin competing actively in the sportuntil he was enrolled in school. He went to Bahai School in Gangtok, which is located in the state of Sikkim and played footballfor the school team there, which is how he came to the attention of scouts from other footballteams.
Chhetri relocated to New Delhi when he was 17 years old in order to participate in the renowned Tata FootballAcademy. This academy is responsible for the development of many of India's best footballplayers.

Sunil Chhetri Club Career Stats

After playing for the City FootballClub of New Delhi, Chhetri started his career as a professional footballplayer with Mohun Bagan of the National FootballLeague. Chhetri had four goals during Mohun Bagan's 2002–03 season, his first with the team, which saw them finish seventh in the standings.
Chhetri scored just two goals the next year. As Mohun Bagan once again ended in the bottom half of the standings in ninth position, the first victory came against Sporting Goa, and the second victory came against Indian Bank. The next season, Chhetri only managed to score two goals once again for Mohun Bagan, who placed eighth in the league and qualified for the National FootballLeague based on goal differential.
Chhetri committed to JCT in 2005 for the 2005–06 campaign. Chhetri managed to score three goals throughout the campaign. Before scoring against Sporting Goa, he scored twice against Salgaocar, helping JCT complete the season in sixth position. In the meantime, in the group rounds of the 61st Santosh Trophy, against both Orissa and Railways, Chhetri struck two hat-tricks for Delhi.
Nevertheless, despite Chhetri's best efforts, Delhi was ousted from the tournament before the quarterfinals after falling to Tamil Nadu 1-0 in overtime. Chhetri allegedly piqued the attention of overseas clubs in October 2008. These teams were Estoril Praia and Leeds United, two teams from Portugal's Liga de Honra and FootballLeague One, respectively.
Chhetri later went on to score an important goal for East Bengal in the Federation Cup against his old team, JCT, scoring the lone goal to secure East Bengal's participation in the semi-finals. In the semi-final game, East Bengal faced Mohun Bagan, their bitter rivals and also one of Sunil's previous teams. Sunil missed the go-ahead penalty in the shootout, and East Bengal was thus eliminated from the competition.
Chhetri rejected MLS by arriving in Coventry, England, on January 25, 2009, to begin a trial with Coventry City of the FootballLeague Championship. However, Coventry City manager Chris Coleman said four days later that they would not be pursuing their interest in Chhetri. But Chhetri announced four months later that he would return to Coventry City in June 2009 for yet another prolonged trial.
However, it never happened. It was revealed in March 2010 that Chhetri was on trial with the Major League Soccerteam Kansas City Wizards and had participated in several of their preseason contests.
On March 24, 2010, he officially signed with the club, making him just the third Indian to play outside of South Asia and the first to do so in Major League Soccer. Sunil Chhetri's signing by Chirag United for the remainder of the 2010–11 I-League season, which defeated United Sikkim for his services, became public on February 10, 2011.
Following his release from Sporting CP on July 19, 2013, Chhetri joined Bengaluru, a new direct-entry I-League team, for the 2013–14 campaign. He made his club debut on September 22, 2013, when Bengaluru played Mohun Bagan, drawing 1-1. He entered the game as a 46th-minute replacement for Beikhokhei Beingaichho.
During the 2017–18 Indian Super League season, he scored 14 goals for the team, making him the league's leading Indian scorer. He was Bengaluru's second-leading scorer in the league and was named the League's Hero. With Bengaluru FC, Chhetri went on to win the Indian Super Cup in 2018. He led Bengaluru in goals scored during the 2018-19 Indian Super League season with nine, which helped Bengaluru win the league championship. Bengaluru's leading scorer for the 2019–20 season was Chhetri.
He had eight goals in the 2020–21 campaign, making him Bengaluru's leading scorer for three straight years. Chhetri became the first player to reach 200 appearances for Bengaluru FC on February 15, 2021. On February 25, 2021, against Jamshedpur, he scored his 100th goal for Bengaluru FC in the league game that concluded the 2020–21 Indian Super League season. Chhetri's two-year contract extension until 2023 was announced on June 20. With the squad, he won the 2022 Durand Cup.
In the knockout round of the ISL 2022–23 season on March 3, 2023, Chhetri scored a contentious goal against Kerala Blasters FC, which resulted in the Blasters players leaving and the game being forfeited in Bengaluru FC's favor.
Sunil Chhetri Celebrating The Victory
Sunil Chhetri Celebrating The Victory

Sunil Chhetri Net Income

Sunil Chhetri net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars. The majority of Sunil Chhetri's net worth may be attributed to the achievements he has had playing footballfor India.

International Career Of Sunil Chhetri

In the match against Pakistan that took place in Quetta in 2005, Sunil Chhetri made his first appearance for the Indian National FootballTeam. In Chhetri's debut international competition, which took place in 2007 and was called the Nehru Cup, India trounced Cambodia 6-0. Chhetri scored two goals during this competition for India.
The success of India in the Nehru Cup was largely attributable to the contributions made by Chhetri. As a result of his four goals scored during the competition, he was awarded the title of Player of the Competition." In the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup, which India won, Chhetri finished as the competition's top scorer. Throughout the tournament, he scored eight goals, including two in the game's decisive match against Tajikistan. In addition to that, the player of the Tournament award went to him.
Chhetri was a significant contributor to India's success in securing a spot in the 2011 AFC Asian Cup. He finished the tournament with three goals, including a brace against Thailand, although India was unable to advance beyond the group round of the competition.
India was crowned champions of the South Asian FootballFederation (SAFF) Championship in 2011, and Chhetri was honored as the tournament's player of the tournament. During the competition, he was responsible for three goals scored. Chhetri secured victory in the final of the Intercontinental Cup on June 10, 2018, with a pair of goals that helped India defeat Kenya 2-0. He ended with eight goals, which was enough to earn him the title of the tournament's leading scorer.
Chettri's four goals in the third round of qualifying helped India earn a spot in the 2023 AFC Asian Cup. As a result, Chettri was named the competition's best scorer. With 84 goals scored in 131 matches for his country's national team, he is now the third-highest international goalscorer still actively playing, behind only Cristiano Ronaldoand Lionel Messi.

Wife Of Sunil Chhetri

He is married. Sonam Bhattacharya, who is the daughter of Mohun Bagan stalwart Subrata Bhattacharya, is his wife.

Is Sunil Chhetri On Instagram, Tiktok And Twitter?

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the social media platforms on which Sunil Chhetri may be found. He has six million followers on Instagram, where he often updates his devoted fans and followers with information on his lifestyle.

How Many Kids Sunil Chhetri Have?

He has no kids as of now.

Sunil Chhetri Lifestyle 2021, Income, House, Cars Biography, Records, Wife, Net Worth & Family

Some Interesting Facts About Sunil Chhetri

  • Sunil Chhetri is of Nepali heritage and was born on August 3, 1984, in the city of Secunderabad in the Indian state of Gujarat.
  • Because Sunil's father, K.B. Chhetri, served in the Indian Army for many years, the Chhetri family moved around quite a bit when Sunil was a child.
  • Chhetri's passion for footballbegan at an early age, and he was a member of the footballsquad at Bahai School in Gangtok, which is located in the state of Sikkim.
  • At the age of 17, he became a student at the world-famous Tata FootballAcademy in New Delhi, which was an important factor in the development of his footballskills.
  • After beginning his professional career with Mohun Bagan in 2002, Sunil Chhetri went on to play for several teams, including JCT, East Bengal, and Bengaluru FC, among others.
  • He made history by being the first Indian player to ever participate in Major League Soccer (MLS) when he played for the Kansas City Wizards.
  • Chhetri has scored more than 84 goals for India at the international level, making him the all-time highest goal scorer for the Indian National FootballTeam.
  • It was largely due to his efforts that India was victorious in the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup and hence qualified for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup.
  • Due to his consistently impressive play, Sunil Chhetri has been honored with the title of AIFF Player of the Year on several occasions.
  • In 2019, he surpassed Lionel Messi to become the active international player with the second-highest goal-scoring total, behind only Cristiano Ronaldo and ahead of Messi.
  • In the history of the Indian Super League (ISL), Chhetri has scored the most hat-tricks of any player. He currently holds the record.
  • He is the recipient of several medals and awards, including the Padma Shri, which is considered to be one of India's highest civilian distinctions.
  • Outside of the sport he plays, Sunil Chhetri is well-known for his humanitarian work and his support of a wide variety of charity organizations and activities.
  • He is a devoted supporter of FC Barcelonaand has several times shown his adoration for Lionel Messi.
  • The popularity of Sunil Chhetri is not limited to India; in fact, he is held in high esteem and admiration by footballfans all around the globe.

People Also Ask

When Was Sunil Chhetri Born?

Sunil Chhetri was born on August 3, 1984.

What Is Sunil Chhetri's Nationality?

Sunil Chhetri is Indian.

Which Club Did Sunil Chhetri Play For In Major League Soccer (Mls)?

Sunil Chhetri played for Kansas City Wizards in MLS.

Which Prestigious Award Did Sunil Chhetri Receive For His Contributions To Indian Football?

Sunil Chhetri was awarded the Padma Shri, one of India's highest civilian honors.

What Is Sunil Chhetri's Record In The Indian Super League (Isl)?

Sunil Chhetri holds the record for the most hat tricks in the history of the ISL.


In Indian football, Sunil Chhetri is a legendary character. His skill, commitment, and accomplishments have cemented his place in the sport's history. His rise from modest beginnings to become one of India's most admired sportsmen and the country's top goal scorer is nothing short of amazing. Chhetri has received recognition on both a national and international level for his deadly hitting prowess and everlasting dedication to the game.
Sunil Chhetri net worth is around 2 million dollars. He is known for his humility, generosity, and leadership abilities, in addition to his footballskills. Sunil Chhetri has had a profound effect on Indian football that goes far beyond the playing field, making him a real representative of the game and an example to aspiring athletes all around the country.
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